Nioh 2: Here’s 7 Ways Team Ninja can stand apart from Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

4. Magic

Not of the kind that gathers though. Nioh had some fantastic mystical elements, including some of the adorable spirits you could have fighting alongside you. Leaning into this would be interesting, there are lots of interesting mythical aspects you could draw on for this kind of game. Seeing Team Ninja build on the foundation of the last game and lean even more into the absurd would be immensely refreshing. 

5. More weapons

This is another one of the “variety is the spice of life” entries, but it really is. Sekiro had one weapon, the sword. Nioh already outranks it several times in that aspect, but it could always be more. Maybe seeing a few more western weapons or weapons inspired by other cultures could be interesting. I’m a big fan of martial arts in games personally, so I would love to see a bare-handed fighting style. There are plenty of things to choose from, but Team Ninja is very good at combat. 

6. Open world

The original Nioh had a strict mission structure that had you going from level to level via a world map. It would be good to see Team Ninja shed this in favour of a more relaxed and chaotic open world. While it is unlikely that they could match the interwoven world design that FromSoftware do so well, they could easily have more branching paths and maybe even some light Metroidvania aspects. Revisiting old areas and finding brand-new things is always exhilarating.  

7. Dogs to pet

The first game had spirits you could have fighting by your side for special buffs and abilities. Now, and this is a very specific request, but I really want to pet them and cuddle them. You can’t drop cute animal spirits in a game and then not let the people pet them. We are meant to be in the future now, give us pettable animals. Make the world more wholesome. Make all the animals fluffier. Let us feed them. Ideally, don’t make us deal with their bowl movements, nobody wants to pick up a dragon droppings.

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