Nintendo Switch Sports Shows Miis Are Getting A Serious Upgrade

Nintendo has just dropped a brand-new trailer for Switch Sports that goes over pretty much every aspect of the game in detail, and one of those details is just how much more animated your Mii is set to become.

Miis in the original Wii Sports were mostly just oblong shapes that moved, but the Miis in Switch Sports are fully articulated mannequins with facial expressions and moving digits. And just like the old Miis, you can dress up the new ones however you like with a variety of faces, hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and more. And if you REALLY prefer the older style of Miis, you can import your Switch avatar directly into the game. However, it’ll still have the upgraded body style, so the contrast between the high-rez body and the low-rez face might look a little weird.

Alongside the new Miis, the Switch Sports overview trailer also showcases how you can use the Joy Con to play each of the new activities. For Volleyball, you can serve, set, spike, and block, depending on how you hold and move the Joy Con. Badminton lets you swipe your Joy Con to direct your return or perform a powerful smash attack with an overhead swipe. Bowling is even more about timing and spin thanks to new special lanes that put obstacles in the ball’s path such as ramps and walls.

Soccer is interesting in that the leg-strap accessory will only be usable in shootout mode (at least to start). Meanwhile, Chambara lets players engage in impressive sword fights with either one or two swords, depending on their armament. Tennis will have top spins, backspins, and lobs too.

Local multiplayer will still be a cornerstone of Switch Sports, but online multiplayer will also be available for some interesting new formats. Soccer can be played with up to eight players (two teams of four), while the new battle royale Survival Bowling can host up to 16 players.

We’re now less than a month away from Nintendo Switch Sports arriving, with pre-orders for the digital version available now. Note that leg controls aren’t coming for Soccer until later in the summer, while Golf will be added later in the fall. Nintendo Switch Sports releases on April 29.

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