Nintendo Switch SNES controller hints at expanded Virtual Console

It looks like Nintendo has plans to bring SNES games to the Switch, after a patent for the original controller was discovered.

Back in the days of the Wii you could play almost every major Nintendo game ever released on the NES and SNES, as well as games from multiple other non-Nintendo consoles. There was also a lot of N64 games and what seemed to be a concerted attempt to create as wide a library of retro games as possible.

But when the Wii was replaced by the Wii U the Virtual Console suddenly shrank down to a shadow of its former self and now doesn’t exist at all on the Switch.

Instead, all you get is a selection of NES games if you subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online service, but at least it looks like SNES games are finally going to be added to that mix.

Nothing’s been announced officially but a fan on ResetEra discovered an FCC filing for a replica SNES controller that works on the Switch (note the HAC model number, used only for Switch peripherals).

Although it’s usually best not to assume anything of Nintendo there’s really only one obvious use for that controller and that’s for playing retro games.

It seems especially obvious given that Nintendo has already released replica NES controllers for the Switch, which were sold for £49.99 a pair – but only to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

Presumably the same thing is going to happen with the SNES controller, although you do wish Nintendo would just get on with it and bring the whole of the Wii’s Virtual Console over to the Switch in one go.

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