Nintendo Switch FREE Card Case lets you carry extra games on the go – Get your reward now

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Nintendo is offering fans the chance to pick up a free Card Case for the Switch.

The new Nintendo freebie is available as part of the company’s online reward scheme.

The Card Case looks like a regular Nintendo Switch game box, only instead of room for just one cartridge, fans can insert eight.

It’s also much sturdier than some of the softer carry cases, and lets you carry more games.

“With this Nintendo Switch Card Case you are able to store up to eight game cards at once, so it’s great for gamers on the go!” reads the official description.

“Two different original cover sheets are included, and you can also replace them with your favourite design.”

If you want to get your hands on this free reward, then you’ll need to head on over to the My Nintendo Rewards website.

Once on the website, simply login and add the Card Case to your basket. Assuming you have 500 Platinum Points on your account, then you can purchase the item for free, although you will need to pay £1.99 for shipping.

If you don’t have any Platinum Points, then Nintendo has provided a handy guide (below) on how to obtain them…

• Regular Platinum Points can be earned by completing missions related to the My Nintendo service.

• For a current list of active missions, Click Here. Missions related to smart device or tablet applications can also be viewed on device.

• Platinum Points related to an application (like Super Mario Run Platinum Points) can be earned by completing missions related to smart device or tablet applications.

Missions to obtain Platinum Points include adding friends on Super Mario Run, signing up to email notifications, and linking various accounts to your Nintendo account.

Nintendo Switch OLED model announcement trailer

Speaking of Nintendo, fans are counting down to the rumoured Direct conference that’s tipped to take place this week.

According to the reports, Nintendo will reveal more about upcoming first-party game Metroid Dread.

Furthermore, the company is expected to announce the final character coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Nintendo is also likely to spotlight titles like Splatoon 3 and upcoming role-playing game Project Triangle Strategy.

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