Nintendo Reveals Metroid Prime Remaster, Launching Later Today

The fifth Metroid game, Prime, is getting a remaster for the Nintendo Switch, set to launch later today.

Fans have been calling on Nintendo to bring back Metroid Prime for years, with rumours and leaks swirling for just as long, but it's finally a reality. And you don't have to wait long at all to get your hands on it, because Nintendo has shadow-dropped it – time to call in sick if you're busy at work, eh?

If you haven't played Metroid Prime, it originally launched on the GameCube at the end of 2002 and swapped out the usual 2D side-scroller format in favour of being a first-person action adventure. This is a stark difference from the recently released Metroid Dread, but the change was welcomed by most as it sold over 2.8 million copies, becoming an immediate hit with fans and newcomers alike.

While it serves as the fifth Metroid game, Prime also kickstarted what would be the first of three games in its series. The first game sees Samus following a distress signal from a space pirate ship called Orpheon which has been ripped apart by mutated subjects following their attempt to extract a meteorite that corrupted Tallon 4, causing the inhabitant – the Chozo – civilisation to collapse.

The Prime trilogy, while separate from the mainline Metroid games, takes place in between the first and second Metroid games. If you fancy a chronological playthrough, you're one step closer to being able to do it entirely on the Switch. No doubt fans are already calling on Nintendo to remaster the next two Prime games.

Metroid Prime launched back in 2007, so it's been 16 years since the last main Metroid Prime game, though the series as a whole is seeing a renaissance between this and Dread. The digital version is available later today, with a physical copy set to launch, and at some point, that mythical Metroid Prime 4 may eventually surface. Until then, we have the first to enjoy.

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