Nintendo President Says That "Many" New Games Will Be Released Later This Year

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has recently confirmed that there will be “many” new games hitting the Nintendo Switch over the coming financial year.

This news comes from Nintendo Life, who shared a newly-published Q&A which includes several statements from Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa. One of the more interesting statements is the confirmation that Nintendo is planning to release “many” games this fiscal year:

“Many new software titles will be released this fiscal year, starting in the first quarter, which we think will help continuously expand the range of consumers who play Nintendo Switch…”

Of course, it’s not too surprising that video game company is releasing video games, but Furukawa’s inclusion of the word “many” hints at more possible announcements later in the year. Right now, Nintendo’s 2021 lineup of games isn’t looking too great, with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, Mario Golf: Super Rush, and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl the only releases of note. It’s also worth noting that Furukawa was also likely referencing New Pokemon Snap since the Q&A was held in March.

With only one of those games set to release during the holiday period, it would be very surprising if Nintendo didn’t have anything else set for release in 2021. However, E3’s digital event is just around the corner, and Nintendo will be broadcasting a Direct during that time like normal, so we can probably expect a couple of announcements next month.

As for what Nintendo could announce, there have been several rumors from industry insiders over the past week, one of which claims that a new Donkey Kong game is currently in development. There are conflicting rumors as to whether the game will be 2D or 3D, but both have the developer down as EPD Tokyo, the same team behind Super Mario Odyssey.

The same industry insider, Zippo, also claims that a new mainline Mario Kart game is far into production and should race onto Nintendo Switch by at least 2022. These are just rumors at the moment, so take them with a pinch of salt and don’t get your hopes too high when E3 rolls around. Only time will tell what Nintendo has planned for the rest of 2021.

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