Nintendo Has Fixed Kirby 64’s Game-Breaking Water Level Bug

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards became the 15th N64 game to be added to Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack earlier this month. A title that will have likely generated quite a bit of buzz among Expansion Pack subscribers, and may have even convinced a few more to sign up, by building off the hype of The Forgotten Land. However, quite a few of those playing Kirby 64 as soon as it dropped were met with a pretty frustrating bug.

The bug in question was happening when swimming through The Crystal Shards' water levels. When Kirby was hit with certain projectiles, the protagonist would become frozen in a stun animation. The only way to fix the problem would be to shut the game and restart the level. That effectively meant having to make your way through an entire water level without taking any damage at all.

Thankfully, that bug now appears to have been fixed. According to Oatmeal Dome (via VGC) on Twitter who has revealed accurate datamined Nintendo information in the past, Kirby 64's latest patch has been rolled out with the sole purpose of fixing the stun-lock problem. “Version 2.3.1 is out with the bug fix for Kirby 64. That’s about it,” the tweet reads. No more helplessly watching on as a frozen Kirby gets pushed across the screen. Hopefully.

This is actually a pretty quick fix when compared to other issues NSO's N64 emulation has encountered since the Expansion Pack launched last October. An issue that caused Paper Mario to crash bothered players for two months before Nintendo rolled out a patch to fix it. Meanwhile, graphical issues with Yoshi's Story and Star Fox 64, two games that were a part of the Expansion Pack at launch, don't appear to have been tweaked at all despite seven months having passed.

Reviews of NSO's Expansion Pack remain mixed. The initial reaction to the expanded service was a pretty poor one as its first adopters raised a number of issues with the quality of some of the emulated games. While many of those issues have been dealt with, some remain. The continued addition of new games, at the rate of one per month so far, is a big pro, though. Nintendo also continues to add Sega Genesis games to the Expansion Pack too.

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