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As you progress through Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, you will eventually make it to the 2nd Class Cabin. From here, you must explore two separate rooms and eventually make your escape. If you are struggling to break out of this area, we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to solve the mystery of the 2nd Class Cabin. As with other 999 guides, we have not included any information that could spoil the plot for you. Before we go over how to escape, let's first take a look at the layout of the 2nd Class Cabin.

2nd Class Cabin Layout

The 2nd Class Cabin consists of two smaller rooms that are mirrored across a hallway.

When you walk into each room, you will be in a small corridor; one side of the corridor will have a door leading into the bathroom, and the other side of the corridor will have an opening leading to a table, sofa, and cabinet.

From the sofa area, you will find another door leading to a bedroom. Inside there, you will see a raised bed with a wooden cabinet near the foot of it. Across from the bed, you will also find another dresser with a mirror attached.

Overall, the layout of the 2nd Class Cabin is pretty simple, so let's now take a look at how to escape.

How To Escape The 2nd Class Cabin

Starting from the room you are in with June, move down the small corridor until you come to a strange-looking image. Interacting with this will prompt a conversation, but at the moment, you will not be able to do anything.

Now, look to the living area of the cabin that you are in and grab the matches from the table.

Head into the bedroom of the cabin now, where you will find a map of the ship's interior. After June prompts you to take the map, it will be added to your inventory.

When a fairly long conversation with June is over, turn to the dresser with the mirror and open the drawer. Inside, you will find a dresser key that will be used later.

Leave the cabin with June and head across the hall to join Lotus and Santa. This cabin is mirrored, so the setup will be slightly different.

To the right of the door, you will find another strange painting, but this time, it looks incomplete.

In the main room, you will find a table that holds a candlestick. Grab this candle and combine it with your matches to get a lit candle.

With your lit candle, head into the bedroom of the cabin. The light is out, so you will set the candle on the dresser to provide some light.

Using the dresser key you found in the other room, open the dresser where you set the candle down.

Inside, you will find a black and white tile that will be used later. Turn to face the other side of the room with the bed, and grab the curtain that is folded on top of the blankets.

After interacting with the curtain, the candle will go out, making the room dark again. Inspect the candle, and you will find that the holder has turned into a key.

With this new key in hand, take a look at the glass cabinet next to the couch. You will be able to see a black a white tile from inside. Use your candlestick key and open the cabinet to retrieve the tile.

At this point, Santa will now give you a bookmark with an image of a clover on it. After a long conversation with Lotus and Santa, head into the bathroom of the cabin. Here, you will be able to hang the shower curtain that you found earlier.

Upon hanging it up, you notice a hole in the curtain. By standing on the other side of the curtain and closing it, you will see a tile in the center of the hole. Junpei will say that the tile is 'fifth from the top and third from the right', to help you locate it.

The tile on the wall won't budge, which means you now need to head back to the room with June. In this cabin, enter the bathroom and locate the tile highlighted in the other room. This tile will come off easily, allowing you to grab it and add it to your inventory.

Now it's time to return to the room with Santa and Lotus. From the entrance of the room, turn right and look at the unfinished black and white painting. Interacting with the painting will place all three tiles that you found inside the frame.

To solve this puzzle, you need to make the image appear like the one in June's room. This can be done by doing the following moves.

  1. Spin the bottom right tile two times
  2. Switch the bottom right and top left tiles.
  3. Spin the top right tile once.

After the puzzle is solved, the frame will lower to reveal a hold in the wall with the Mars Key. Now, you can escape!

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