Nier: Automata: Pod Location Guide

In Nier: Automata, players are joined by their faithful little floating robot machines named “Pods”. These little guys help the player navigate around by gliding, can be used to fish, and are particularly helpful during battle. Additionally, they play a role in several parts of the storyline, depending on which route the player is taking.

Players begin with a default pod available to them, but there are two others that can be found in the game. There are a few achievements tied to pods, including finding all three, which unlocks the “Pod Hunter” achievement/trophy.

About Pods

Pods can be upgraded by interacting with the merchant at the Bunker or at the Resistance Camp, but it requires money and resources to do so. Each pod can be upgraded three times in total, the first time upgrades their base attack, the second adds a new ability that charges while firing, and the third upgrades their charged attack. At level 1 the pods have an attack value of 150 and at max level, the attack level is 180. Upgrading all pods to the maximum level will unlock the “Supreme Support Weapons”.

Additionally, players can customize the skins of their pods to give them different looks, as well and find and purchase new Pod Programs that they can equip, which will give their pod some new skills. Obtaining all Pod Programs unlocks the “Weapons Maniac” accolade.

Each pod has a different specialization and will have different abilities available while in battle.  Depending on which pod you have equipped will also affect the weapons you have available while using a Flight Unit. Just below you’ll find a guide about each pod’s abilities and where to find it.

Pod A

This is the default pod that players start with and it specializes in the Gatling gun. Pod A has the following attacks for each upgrade level:

  • Level 2: Pod A’s first shot deals double the amount of damage.
  • Level 3: Launches an explosive projectile when you stop firing.
  • Maximum Level: Improved charged attack that launches a cluster of explosives that scatter after the initial blast.

Pod B

Pod B specializes in firing lasers and it can be fished up at random when fishing in the Flooded City in the location shown above. Due to the random nature of fishing, it may take players a few tries to fish Pod B out of the water. This pod has the lowest DPS output, but its attack is the piercing type, making it suitable for armored enemies. When upgraded its attacks are improved in the following ways:

  • Level 2: The width of the laser blast increases momentarily immediately after firing, causing more damage for a short time.
  • Level 3: Pod B fires 15 pellets that are able to ricochet off their surroundings up to three times.
  • Maximum Level: Increased charge allows pellets to now able to ricochet up to six times.

Pod C

Pod C specializes in homing missiles and can be found in the Desert Zone, though unlike other discoverable items, it does not have a glowing hue to indicate it can be selected. Its location is close to the opening to the oil field, but the exact location is shown on the map above. When Pod C is upgraded it has the following results:

  • Level 2: Increases the number of missiles fired in the grenade bombardment attack to 10.
  • Level 3: A charged attack that fires 12 missiles into the air, which then fall back to the ground around the player.
  • Maximum Level: Charged attack now has an increased area of range and is upgraded to 21 missiles. Missiles explode on impact when returning, and then also change into mines that explode a few seconds later if an enemy treads on them.

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