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It's easy to forget how beautiful some of the environments in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds really are. Whether you're traversing the snowy expanses of Winter Wonderland, or sneaking through trees in Witch's Woods, the game's different areas feature diverse and rich biomes painted with the series' typical Ghibli-inspired brush.

Fortunately, the game features a mechanic that gives you a reason to stop and enjoy the view: Vistas. These are magical pillars that you can activate in each area to give you a better view of your surroundings. Moreover, activating a Vista increases your CP. There are three Vistas in each area, plus one in Evermore, for a total of 37 in the game. In this guide, we'll list every one of their locations.


The game's starting city has a single Vista that, characteristically, acts as a tutorial for future Vistas in the game.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
EvermoreObtained as part of the first Reputation Quest you have to complete for the Suspicious Box.94

Southern Heartlands

The Southern Heartlands is a peaceful area that has been overrun with chaos, although they are still home to everybody's favourite sentient tree, Great Uncle Autumn.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Great Uncle Autumn's GardenHidden behind a rock in the nothern part of Great Uncle Autumn's Garden.190
Zephyr StationIn the southern part of Zephyr Station, by a corn field on a raised plateau.234
World Keeper's NestIn the Tainted Sunset Forest, to the West of the boss arena.86

Eastern Heartlands

From the Ancient Ruins on the coast to the industrious Sulfur Mine inland, this large expanse has massive variety in its geography.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Ancient RuinsTucked in to the south-west corner of the map, you can find this Vista on a ridge overlooking the Ruins just east of the Expedition Camp.100
Sulfur MineIn the western part of the Sulfur Mine, hidden in a cloud of smoke.220
Ignis's NestOn the edge of Ignis's Nest, to the far north of the Sulfur Mine.348

Golden Grove

This is a land dominated by natural forces, from the Fairy Village to the Mushroom Tree, all taken care of by the Spring Of Life.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Spring Of LifeTucked away in the southern part of the Spring Of Life (north-west of the Fairyground), by some glowing mushrooms.228
Mushroom TreeOn the western edge of the Strange Field (to the north-west of the Fairyground).242
Fairy VillageOn the southern edge of the path to the north-west of the Fairy Village.238

Serene Forest

This hauntingly beautiful wooded area is populated with mystical, glowing mushrooms and flowers – you'll have to delve into the Heart Of The Forest if you want to find all the Vistas here.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Big Mushroom SwampIn the very centre of the first swamp area (north of the Yomi Village), tucked away behind a glowing flower.284
Stone Pillar MarshBy the map marker for the Bright Night Forest.208
Heart Of The ForestBy the mp marker for Giant Steps Falls, hidden behind a mossy boulder.246

Allegra Plateau

Although the Sky Pirates make the Allegra Plateau their home, it is otherwise a dry, deserted place where little life dwells.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Barren PlateauTucked into the south-western corner of the Dustwind Valley area.319
Sky Pirate HeadquartersAt the Sky Pirate Headquarters, hidden at the foot of a flight of stairs.301
Hot Spring AreaOn a raised ridge near the Map marker for the Geyser Area, just to the south-east of it.290

Cloudcoil Canyon

The Cloudcoil Canyon features perhaps two of the closest-together VIstas in the entire game: the Sandy Dock and Thorny Cliff Vistas are within thirty seconds of each other on foot.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Sandy DockAt the Map marker for the Abandoned Watchtower.337
Thorny CliffJust to the south-west of the Sandy Dock Vista, at the top of the circular room on your Map.328
DreamlandUp a winding path to the south-east of the Dreamland Map marker.233

Winter Wonderland

This beautiful snowscape features many remarkable wonders of nature, from the majestic Frosted Tree to the paradoxical Heat Tree.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Heat TreeRight next to the Winter Wonderland Map marker.382
YuleFrom the Yule Map marker, go up the nearest stairs, through an archway, and you'll find this Vista hugging the wall to your right.367
Frosted TreeAt the northern border of the westernmost room on the Map. Travel west from the Final Refuge Map marker and follow the path north.406

Glittering Grotto

Even though the conditions here are unforgiving, the Glittering Grotto is still an important research hub.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Ancient Technology LabNear the Map marker for the Ancient Technology Lab. Follow the wall around, and you'll find this Vista near the campfire.448
Lab Advanced BaseOn the path between the Frozen Pool and the Lab Advanced Base. This Vista is tucked away under a mechanical platform.651
The Glacial PalaceFrom the Map marker for Nevermelt Harbour, head west as far as you can, and you will find this Vista.204

Burning Desert

Moneyma'am City dominates this bountiful desert, although the surrounding areas are also rich in history and resources.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Desert OasisOn the western shoreline north of Moneyma'am City, about halfway up.503
Moneyma'am CityThis Vista is tucked away in the north-eastern corner of Moneyma'am City, next to a small rectangular pool.428
Mysterious Desert RuinsAt the eastern apex of the Ruins (to the north-east of the Map marker for the Tomb Of The Exiled), on a raised platform.533

Witch's Woods

From luminescent shrubs to incandescent crystals, the Witch's Woods is an area brimming with magic – and the perfect site for a Magic Academy.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Silent BrookNestled by the water, under a bridge to the west of the Forest Entrance.548
Felicia Magic AcademyJust north of the Map marker for the Felicia Magic Academy, in a field of glowing plants.517
Crystal CaveThe Crystal Cave is located to the east of the Northern Crescent Plain Map marker. As you enter, hug the south wall to find the Vista there.250

Woebegone Wilds

These chaotic lands feature many impressive shrines, paying homage to the elemental forces that have formed them.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Statue Of HeroesTo the very north-east of Sir Fierce Fists' Hut, you can find this Vista near a tent in the north-east corner of the map.279
Shrine Of WaterMidway between the Map markers for the Shrine Of Earth and the Shrine Of Water, on the western edge of the map.613
Shrine Of FireFrom the Shrine Of Fire Map marker, go through the large gates to your east and follow them around to the north to find this Vista.598

Rainbow Valley

The Rainbow Valley is the home of legends, from the mysterious Waivro people to the enigmatic Rainbow Ore mines.

NameHow To FindCP Reward
Waivro VillageNestled in the south-east corner of the Waivro Village, between a cliff face and a hut.662
Rainbow Ore QuarryFrom the Prison Camp, take the easternmost of the three paths heading north (towards Waivro Village), and you will find this Vista at the south of the large open area on this path, next to the wooden bridge.470
Shrines Of Light And DarknessHidden in plain sight in the north-east corner of the clearing to the north of the Training Ground Map marker.702

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