New York Times censors today’s Wordle answer because of current events

Today’s Wordle solution has been removed at the last minute because The New York Times thinks it could be seen as too political.

Wordle famously has enough puzzles to last at least seven years without repeating them, but what many don’t realise is that this means all the answers were already added to the game last year – nobody is sitting around picking the next one each day.

The New York Times does check them to make sure they’re not too hard or too rude though and apparently it also looks to see whether they might be awkwardly topical, as is the case today.

We won’t spoil what the answer is until after the ad below, so be careful if you haven’t tried today’s puzzle yet – especially as it’s one with an alternative American spelling.

To add to the confusion the word is often spelt as foetus in the UK, when used in a non-technical context, but since it’s no longer the answer that doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The new puzzle for today is a very easy one and technically you could argue it’s also topical, since it relates to the nice weather we’ve been having lately…

Wordle 321 3/6
I don’t care, I’m still bitter about losing to “Homer”.😒
🤣😂#Wordle321 #Wordle


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