New World Update Is Full Of Nerfs, Fans Aren’t Happy

Another day, another issue with New World. Amazon Game Studio’s recent foray into the world of online role-playing games has not been quite the success the developer hoped for. From server issues to accidentally gifting players huge sums of gold, the game has been a bit of a mess since launch. While many may have hoped that the recent 1.1.1 update would resolve some of these issues, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The update is filled with nerfs and fans are taking to the internet to voice how unhappy they are.

The New World 1.1.1 update went live earlier this week and was focused on resolving the issues that sprung up from the previous November update. It fixed the number of motes dropped from Elemental enemies, the missing Horticulture gear that was removed, crafting XP imbalances, and more general bugs and glitches. A full list of what the update includes can be found on the game’s official website.

Soon after the update went live, several Reddit threads popped up from players who were very unhappy with what the update did. Specifically, many players believed that reducing the number of motes from the Elementals was a big mistake. One thread, titled “Motes Removed from Elemental Creatures Is a True Display of the Total Incompetence of AGS”, disparaged the studio and wrote it is “unbelievable that they expected a level 38 creature to be a ‘rare and challenging’ encounter”. The comment section is filled with over 600 people who also believe that the nerf of the encounter is ruining the game.

Some threads, like one titled “Bleeding players and every patch is nothing but nerfs, undocumented changes and bugs”, argue that developers are “actively tanking the game on purpose”. Meanwhile, other threads worry that these nerfs set a precedent for what future updates will do to the game. User jotakl wants Amazon to “stop thinking about ‘how the players should play the game’ and instead start thinking about ‘how the players would enjoy the game even more'”.

Hopefully, someone from Amazon Game Studios is listening because it sounds like players are getting fed up with how New World is playing out.

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