New Warzone Bug Teleports Players Out Of The Gulag

Season 6 is turning out to be a bit of a rocky update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. First there were reports of frequent crashing on multiple platforms, and then the spikey demon gun texture bug has reared its ugly head once again.

Now we have this bizarre teleporting gulag bug to contend with. Twitch streamer SyleathS posted this recent clip of his experience in Warzone where he somehow magically teleported back to Verdansk’s new subway system, only to get teleported to the gulag when it finally came time for his redemption match.

Here’s how it went: first, SyleathS died in Warzone. He gets carted off to the gulag as normal, but instead of getting taken to the upper cells where you can throw rocks at the combatants below, he gets teleported to the subway where he actually manages to murder another player (who was probably extremely surprised by his sudden appearance).

After the kill, the screen fades to black like he’s about to get dropped back into the match, but instead he just reappears on the train in another position. A few seconds later, the announcer says his gulag match is ready and then he’s teleported back to the gulag for his actual redemption duel.

He loses, but this begs the question: if SyleathS had won, would he have dropped back into Verdansk or would he have teleported to the subway again?

As we said before, this isn’t the only bug to have arrived with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6. The demon texture bug is also back, which causes gun textures to fail spectacularly, forming a spiky ball of polygons that’s impossible to see past. In the latest iteration of this long-standing bug, flashing yellow, red, and green lights seem to add a festive element.

And then there’s the whole crashing issue where some people report Warzone to be completely unplayable. That’s something that Activision and Infinity Ward are aware of and are actively working on, at least. Expect a fix for that to arrive relatively soon. As for this weird gulag issue, we’ll have to see how many people report visits by random subway prisoners before we can say when this bug will get fixed.

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