New Valheim Mod Lets You Play In First-Person

Although it’s not officially endorsed by Iron Gate, there’s now a way to play Valheim from a first-person perspective. The new viewpoint can be added to your game using a new mod from creator Rynborg on NexusMods.

Although it’s still a work in progress, the mod seems to work surprisingly well. Once installed, simply zoom in the camera as far as possible to switch to the new perspective – eventually, the camera will snap to a first-person view. There are still a few lingering issues you might encounter, but the creator is well aware of the problems and is hard at work on a fix.

Iron Gate’s survival game seems like a perfect fit for a first-person mode. While it’s beneficial to play in third-person mode while exploring your surroundings, your handcrafted Viking home would without a doubt be cozier with a zoomed-in view.

As an Early Access title itself, it’s possible Valheim will see an official first-person mode added prior to a full release. It’s also seen its fair share of bugs, including the dreaded World-Destroyer bug, which deleted entire worlds and all associated save files.

Valheim continues to put up impressive numbers, selling well over three million copies in three weeks. Just a few days ago the title broke the 500,000 concurrent player mark – putting it ahead of Dota 2 and just behind Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

While the game on its own is no doubt stellar, its popularity can be largely attributed to its viewership on Twitch. A similar phenomenon happened with Rust in January, as popular streamers began broadcasting the game. In the following days, Rust managed to break player count records – despite being several years old.

Although it’s been wildly successful, the team currently has no plans to port Valheim to consoles. Iron Gate is open to the possibility, but will likely work on smoothing out the PC version before thinking about expanding to new systems.

Valheim is currently available in Early Access on Steam.

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