New Sonic The Hedgehog movie design leaks show major improvement

What may be the first glimpse at the redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog has leaked online and it looks a lot better than it used to.

The problem with leaks about the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is that literally anyone could have made something better than the original design, so it’s almost impossible to tell which are fakes and which are real leaked images.

There’s some dispute over the provenance of these two images but, because the image of Jim Carey as Dr Robotnik also seems to be new, there’s a good chance these are authentic.

Even if they’re not fake though there’s no way to tell whether they’re the final designs, as no doubt the movie makers have gone through an awful lot by now.

The first trailer for the movie debuted in April and was roundly criticised for not looking anything like Sonic, but instead some grotesque experiment escaped from the island of Doctor Moreau.

Director Jeff Fowler, who made Oscar-winning short Gopher Broke, acknowledged that fans weren’t happy and delayed the movie by three months, until February 2020, in order to redesign the lead character.

Whether this is that design we’ll have to wait and see but this time he seems to be wearing gloves and no longer looks like a man wearing a bad furry suit.

You can’t tell from the pictures, but you’d have to assume he also doesn’t have human teeth anymore.

There is also a new Sonic The Hedgehog video game underway at the moment, but Sega hasn’t said whether it’s a direct tie-in to the film or not.

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