New Pokemon Snap: Triple Threat Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap isn’t just about taking pictures of Pokemon, it’s about exploring a world where nature has been turned on its head, and the natural world is filled with mystical, powerful creatures. It doesn’t always make sense, but it’s gorgeous to explore like an amateur nature photographer.

And as an amateur nature photographer, you need to get the best shots possible, ones that are rated four-stars by Professor Mirror, and will complete the selection of Requests that your lab friends have given you. One such Request is called Triple Threat, and it’ll involve three Ariados and a Yanmega.

In order to get all of the Pokemon in the right place to take this picture, you will need to line things up just right. Just follow the instructions in this guide to get the best possible pictures of Yanmega and Ariados so you can clear the Triple Threat Request.

How To Complete Triple Threat Request In New Pokemon Snap

This request takes place in Founja Jungle at Night, but most importantly, it takes place here during Research Level 1. The best place to take your pics is on the alternate path, which requires having gone through level 2 already, but go back to level 1 for the opportunity to complete this Request.

Travel through the Jungle, and slow down just before reaching the Crystalbloom and route split. At this point use music to summon Yanmega from the bushes on your right. You can take either route.

On the left side of the swap there will be three Ariados – two out in the open, and one inside a tree. Use the music again, and Yanmega will swoop in, scaring off the two outside, and the one inside will come out to fight.

At this point if you use an Illumina Orb on the Ariados it will be able to summon two friends. All three Ariados will then attempt to fight the Yanmega. Use caution: if you use an Illumina Orb on the Yanmega, then it will win the fight, and you will not be able to take a four-star picture of the Ariados attack to complete the Request.

Just be aware, all three Ariados in the shot will need to be attacking. If you photograph only one Ariados it might be a four-star photo, but it will not complete the request.

Unfortunately there are no special rewards for completing this request, but it’s a very tough Request to clear through when summoning the Yanmega and taking the right route can be so obtuse.

For even more Request guides, make sure to check our complete guide to every Request in the game.

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