New Pokemon Snap: Best Frenemies Request Guide

New Pokemon Snap is the best Pokemon spin-off since Pokemon Conquest, in my humble opinion, and that’s why I just can’t stop playing and attempting to complete a variety of Requests. The Requests are often hints to getting four-star pictures, and completing them all is a tall order indeed.

In this guide we’re going to break down everything you need to do in order to complete the Best Frenemies Request. This Request actually involves three different Pokemon in order to get the perfect shot, and that is much easier said than done.

We’ll go through everything you need to do step-by-step in order to get the perfect picture to complete this Request, although it might take you several tries in order to get the perfect shot. Just follow our instructions below and you’ll soon complete the Best Frenemies Request.

How To Complete The Best Frenemies Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place in Florio Nature Park during Park (Night), and you won’t even get a chance to snap this encounter unless you activate a number of Pokemon.

The first you need to interact with is the buried Pinsir, near the first Crystalbloom flower. This Pinsir can be teased out of the ground by scanning, and then following it up with an Illumina Orb. Once Pinsir is fully out of the ground and walking around, it’s time to begin scanning like crazy.

Scan as much as you can, and a Heracross will fall out of the tree behind Pinsir, flat on it’s back. You can take some good pictures of it while it’s like this. Once you leave the area, the Heracross will fly ahead of you, and you can grab a few good shots as it begins to fly.

Heracross will land on the far shore, and once over there it will begin to fight with a nearby Pinsir. You can get some great pictures of their fight, but this is not how you complete the Best Frenemies Request.

In order to complete the Request, you need to wake Sylveon that is sleeping near the Torterra on the bridge. Wake it with an Illumina Orb. Once it has run away, you can look for the fight with Heracross and Pinsir.

As the two begin to fight, play the music melody with R, and this will cause the fight to stop, and Sylveon will jump out of the bushes to interrupt them. Sylveon will calm both creatures, and you will be able to get four-star shots of all three Pokemon, so go trigger-happy.

If you want to complete the Request, you need a picture of Pinsir while it is celebrating with Heracross – this will be a tough pic to get, and Professor Mirror is very picky about which shot will complete the quest.

Make sure to take good shots of all three Pokemon, and try to include both Heracross and Pinsir in the important shots. These will be what will complete the Request, though it’s very tricky to get a shot which counts. Good luck, Pokemon photographers.

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