New Mario Kart 64 World Record Time, Achieved By Driving Into A Wall, Is Far More Impressive Than It Sounds

Speedrunners really do perform some extraordinary feats in the name of their craft. This latest Mario Kart 64 technique really is something to behold.

The rather brilliant game seems like quite a simple title. Fans may well have spent their fair share of time in the Time Trial mode, perhaps competing with friends to see who could achieve the best times. Shaving milliseconds off each other’s records was the stuff childhoods were made of.

The most skilled players are several planes of existence above that sort of thing though, stretching the physics of the game to the breaking point in pursuit of world records. The latest of which was achieved on Luigi Raceway, by… bashing into a wall. Although, of course, there’s far more to it than that. The Mario Kart franchise is full of wonder; just look at Super Nintendo World’s Mario Kart ride.

As Kotaku reports, Beck Abney (“Abney317”) is among the most highly regarded Mario Kart 64 speedrunners of all. He has achieved a new world record time on this track (22.85 seconds for three laps) by mastering an offshoot of the art of driving through walls (a glitch detailed by YouTube’s Bismuth in this video).

Essentially, turning at the start line, hopping until you’re at the absolute perfect angle and driving across the finish line straight into the barrier opposite will register as a lap completed. It looks deceptively simple to perform, but painstaking practice went into perfecting this. You can see Abney317’s new world record run begin at 8:16 in his clip below:

Now, in this brave new age of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (which have so far sold about as well as their predecessors), it’s heartening for gamers of a certain age to see that the classics will always endure. This new generation has the potential to offer visually and technically stunning titles, but it’s just as appealing to fire up a yellowing Nintendo 64 and bask in nostalgia.

After all, players have had decades to master absolutely every possible technique in these evergreen titles. It certainly shows, too. How talented do you have to be to complete Super Mario 64 in 39 minutes, while blindfolded throughout? Very talented.

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