New Concept Art From Elden Ring’s Teaser Trailer Surfaces

Elden Ring has remained silent since being announced during E3 2019, but this week some new information was finally revealed. An artist who helped work on the reveal trailer has posted keyframes and concepts from the project, giving us a closer look at what we might see when Elden Ring hits store shelves.

To be clear, the artist – Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom – doesn’t work at FromSoftware. Instead, they worked for Digic Pictures, a company tasked with crafting part of the E3 Announcement Trailer. Most of the images released this week were meant for “internal discussion at Digic Pictures between the Art Director, Director, Producer, and Leads.” If everything looked good, they’d go ahead and share them with FromSoftware.

That means there’s no guarantee any of these concepts will make an appearance in Elden Ring. “You can read into the concept art as much as you like, but I really have no knowledge of the game,” wrote Stiernstrom.

Still, this is the first bit of Elden Ring news we’ve had in a long while, and fans are itching for any morsel of info they can get their hands on. Some have gone as far as speculating bigger news will come directly from FromSoftware in the coming weeks, as they believe the release of these images must mean an NDA has expired. It’s wild speculation, but who can blame them? After all, we’ve gone years without much new information – surely something is right around the corner?

Elden Ring is currently rumored to be launching in June 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. An industry insider claims the title was originally slated for a February release – which meshes with other FromSoftware release dates – but was pushed back to June due to delays from COVID-19. There’s still no mention of a next-gen version, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see it land on both Xbox Series X and PS5.

For now, enjoy this bit of concept art – it’s not much, but it might be all we get over the next few months.

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