New Battlefield in 2023 and ‘free to enter’ component suggests EA

EA has implied that a new Battlefield will be released within two years, despite describing Battlefield 2042 as a games as a service title.

The Battlefield franchise has had its ups and downs throughout the years, reaching a low point with the release of 2018’s Battlefield 5 but seeming to be on the road to a strong recovery with this year’s Battlefield 2042.

Although rival Call Of Duty has seen a new entry every year for the last 16 years the Battlefield release schedule has been less predictable – sometimes every year but more commonly every two. Battlefield 2042 is the longest wait there’s ever been for a new mainline sequel but that won’t become the norm according to EA.

In their latest earnings call an investor asked if EA was going to return to a new game every two years, to which CEO Andrew Wilson answered: ‘I think that is our orientation but more importantly I think you should think about Battlefield as a service.’

Typically, a games as a service title does not see a direct replacement within just two years and even for a big company like EA it’s difficult to support two or more live service games at once, especially if they’re both from the same franchise.

‘You should understand that this really forms the foundation of what we believe the future of live service around Battlefield is, which over time will include a mobile launch, will include some free to enter components, and will really change the nature of what happens from launch to launch’, continued Wilson, as he described the various elements of Battlefield 2042.

‘So while an every-other-year launch probably makes sense if we think about it today, we’re really focused on 365 day engagement in the franchise at a platform level, across any device that consumers may want to play on.’

As you can see, Wilson didn’t outright confirm a release in 2023, but that probably has as much to do with the ongoing problems of the pandemic as anything else.

He also didn’t expand on what the ‘free to enter’ element of the game would be. It’s been rumoured before that EA is planning to create an equivalent to Call Of Duty: Warzone, although the publisher has repeatedly said that Battlefield 2042 will not include a battle royale mode.

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