Netflix’s Witcher Twitter Account Just Announced “6 Days Of Witchmas,” Whatever That Means

Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher is having a rough time right now. People are catching COVID-19 resulting in causing shooting delays, and even worse is Henry Cavill injuring his leg during a scene.

To get our attention away from how disastrous The Witcher’s filming is going, Netflix Twitter account is hosting the “6 Days of Witchmas,” a social media celebration that will give us something else to think about.

The news came in the voice of Jaskier, who “cordially invited” us “to the 6 DAYS OF WITCHMAS, a holiday feast where nobody has to mingle, and everybody receives a gift!” Subsequent tweets explain the online shindig in greater detail.

Each day, Jaskier (via The Witcher’s Twitter account) will give us a choice. Either we can accept the gift being offered or we can invoke the “Law of Surprise.” Decisions are made collectively by the community via a simple Twitter poll, with the results announced the following day along with that day’s new poll to either accept the gift or once again invoke the “Law of Surprise.”

“Choose wisely, for my gift offers are sincere,” Jaskier warns, “but the Law of Surprise is out of my musically-gifted hands.”

The first vote will be held tomorrow, with the results provided on December 16. The 6 Days of Witchmas runs until December 21 where we’ll find out what the last gift is, providing that we all don’t invoke the Law of Surprise.

What could these gifts be? No idea. Probably more behind-the-scenes images of Season 2 filming, or maybe even a video documentary if we’re really lucky. And then there’s that Law of Surprise, which in The Witcher universe, would mean Twitter collectively taking the first-born child of Jaskier. That’d be weird.

We’ve already had some still image previews of Geralt and Ciri in Season 2 of The Witcher, but precious few. Six more would be a welcome way to send us into 2021, and hopefully some better news regarding The Witcher’s filming.

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