Netflix Believes Geralt Of Rivia Would Be A Cleric Instead Of A Rogue In Dungeons & Dragons

A Netflix account on Twitter has fired shots into the camps of The Witcher and Dungeons & Dragons, stating that Geralt of Rivia’s class would be a Cleric. As you may have guessed, this triggered the resurgence of an ongoing debate within both communities, where fans have been trying to assign a relevant occupation for the monster slayer.

The account posted a surprising tweet a few days ago stating “Geralt is a Cleric and not a Rogue. Change my mind.” A flurry of fans from both communities jumped into the comments section to make their voices heard, with most people completely disagreeing with Netflix’s statement. For reasons that will soon be explained, Netflix must have posted this as a prompt to start a debate – nothing more – because there is no way Geralt could be a Cleric.

The Cleric class belongs to the fantasy RPG Dungeons & Dragons, and it is one of the standard playable character classes. They are skilled in divine magic, powerful healers, and act as servants of their god. One of the main reasons why Geralt of Rivia cannot be classed as a Cleric, is because he is a devout atheist. He does not work under a God’s power, and certainly doesn’t carry any religious beliefs. A few members of both communities were quick to point out to Netflix that the Witcher does not receive his magic from any divine source, nor do any of his characteristics line up with being a Rogue either. Netflix did not take part in the debate.

Furthermore, many people suggested that Geralt would be more in line with a Ranger. This class includes magical powers, a pick and mix of fighting styles, and even warrants a companion as a Beast Master Ranger – which would, of course, be Roach. Another subclass of Ranger is Monster Slayer, aligning with a lot of the Witcher’s established abilities.

While both fandoms continue to have a creative discussion over Geralt’s class, we came up with a new theory that Geralt’s alcoholic drink of choice would most likely be Guinness. We concluded that he definitely wasn’t a wine man, therefore, a hearty pint of black velvet seemed more suited to his stout heart.

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