Nerdarchy Brings Back GamoWriMo For TTRPG Nerds

Did you know GamoWriMo was a thing? Well, now you do. And in all honesty, it should be a much bigger thing. That’s one of the reasons why the tabletop gaming content creators over at Nerdarchy recently posted about GamoWriMo — the NaNoWriMo Spinoff for TTRPG Nerds on their blog. Post author Steven Partridge explains how it follows the same format as the popular NaNoWriMo, and provides advice for TTRPG writers to help get those wonderful adventures in your head down and out in a published form.

In the blog post, Partridge explains that geek content YouTuber Dael Kingsmill (MonarchsFactory) is the person who originally proposed the idea for GamoWriMo in 2019. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic squashed widely promoting and participating in the event for this year, but there are some who still engaged in their own personal events, helping keep it alive in the current worldwide dire circumstances. Partridge adds a heartfelt call out to those “who might dare to dream this year” to join in.

Partridge has successfully participated in two previous NaNoWriMo events, resulting in having the book The Mis-Adventurers: An (Almost) Epic Tale published. In the post, they link to their “5 Tips to Help You WIN #NaNoWriMo” video on their YouTube channel, which, as the title states, provides five helpful tips for writers looking to participate in the annual November event. Continuing on in the post, Partridge describes yet more writing guidance and encouragement, but with a focus more on TTRPG content.

Whether you already have a big idea for an adventure in your head, or you’re in need of sparking some ideas to get you writing, Partridge recommends visiting, a website for “writing tips, roleplaying advice, and more!” Here you’ll find the handy RPG Campaign Idea Generator, where each click of the Campaignify! button generates a random adventure hook. The prompts are not specific to any TTRPG genre, so you’ll have to use your imagination to adapt it to your system, which should help with the entire big idea creation process.

To keep your big idea for an adventure from getting too big and overwhelming, Partridge suggests you remember that adventures are made up of a series of encounters. “Breaking projects into smaller chunks is not only a great way to make a big job more manageable,” writes Partridge, “but it’s generally applicable to many facets of life.” The article continues on with more quality helpful recommendations, including what to do when you are feeling stuck (“keep moving”), and how to watch out for those “rabbit holes.”

If GamoWriMo sounds like your kind of thing, read more about it in the Nerdarchy blog post, and let Partridge and Kingsmill know about it on their social channels.

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