Need For Speed Unbound Trailers Show Off Vast Customisation Options

Need for Speed Unbound is in our sights. Launching on December 2 after a load of leaks and rumours, EA has finally put the pedal of the hype machine to the metal. We know there will be more than 140 cars in the street racing game, and we've just been shown some of the vast customisation options we have at our disposal to style them to our tastes.

You can take older and more rigidly designed cars like old-school BMWs and Land Rover Defenders and turn them into completely different cars. The Defender looks like a completely different car, with the roof taken off and multiple exhaust pipes streaming from the engine block at the front of the vehicle. The rear can also be removed, making it look more like a pickup truck.

There's also an impressive array of new rim designs. We can't quite tell if you can add decals to the rims or there are just loads of preset designs to choose from, but either way, the wheels are looking sick. From clovers to bitten cookies to psychedelic spirals, these rims are sure to make rival racer's heads spin as you pass them by.

There have been more decals added to the series' impressive library, and the ability to delete entire panels from cars has been added, meaning you can play with the shape of your rides more than ever before.

We recently caught some gameplay that showed off the game's new betting system and the high-octane police chases. This iteration of Need For Speed looks like it's trying to ignite some rivalries by ensuring all the people you race against are fully fleshed out characters, meaning the bets are personal. The police chases on the other hand look downright violent, with players needing to blend precise and aggressive driving to outmaneuver Johnny Law.

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