NBA 2K20 update news: Fans delivered boost as patch notes wait rumbles on

NBA 2K20 players have been given some great news by 2K Games about an inbound patch for the hit basketball sim.

The NBA 2K20 dev team have said they are working “around the clock” to fix issues that have affected the game since launch.

The NBA 2K20 team said “many” of these post-launch bugs have been fixed but there are still other issues which need to be sorted.

Reported NBA 2K20 bugs that have affected players include the PC version’s launcher showing the icon for last year’s game on the task bar.

While other issues players have reported include extended load times and other instances of bugs.

The official NBA 2K20 Twitter account posted: “Although many of the issues seen after launch have been fixed, we know there are still others we need to resolve.

“Our Dev team is working around the clock to prepare an upcoming patch that will address other significant issues.

“Thanks for your patience”.

The NBA 2K20 update news comes as fans are still waiting for patch notes on update 1.02 – which was recently released by 2K Games.

In the aftermath of this launch Mike Wang, gameplay director for NBA 2K, shared with fans what the dev team have been working on.

Wang was unable to share a release date for the next patches coming to the game but did confirm that more changes were coming.

“It’s outside my domain, so I don’t have any solid information, unfortunately. All I can say is that it’s being worked on with the highest priority,” he told one fan.

Adding: “There was a slight stamina buff this morning. But also try equipping Handles for Days.

“The park speeds were boosted a bit further than desired and will be toned down asap. Apologies.”

Wang also gave advice to fans on player movement when trying to dunk in NBA 2K20.

He tweeted: “If you’re getting unwanted hop steps when trying to dunk, you need to hold the RS diagonally up right/left (2 or 10 o’clock).

“Don’t push directly left or right or it’ll feel random.”

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