Mysterious Left 4 Dead Video Appears On YouTube

A year ago, game developer and Steam purveyor Valve, seemingly aware of their reputation more for the latter than the former, said that they were going to get back in the business of shipping games once again. At the time, it was clear that they meant things like their Dota 2 card game Artifact, which is going through its own problems, and likely games such as Campo Santo’s In the Valley of the Gods, which Valve wholly acquired. 

A new video teaser that appeared on YouTube today, however, suggests that a new Left 4 Dead might be in the works.

To be clear from the get-go, it is not obvious whether this teaser is actually from Valve or if it is a fan-made animation. Valve has not claimed ownership, no one has claimed ownership. The account that uploaded the video, Clusterflu961, has uploaded nothing else. It was created on May 1, yesterday, and the name is possibly a reference to the flu from Left 4 Dead that incites the zombie apocalypse. The account was created in Canada, but the extent to which that means anything is probably not severe.

The video scans over a number of environments in a post-apocalyptic world, likely overrun by zombies, as corpses and entrails are strewn about in various scenes. At the end of the trailer, the “Left 4 Dead Hand” is on the screen, indicating that whoever made this at least wants an obvious connection to Left 4 Dead, Valve’s multiplayer first-person zombie shooter.

It is an odd thing, especially when it’s impossible to even know how official it is in a world where Valve-made games have an official tool to create fan-made videos about them. As Valve preps a new virtual reality headset, though, might it be possible they plan to have a killer app in the Left 4 Dead universe with it? Or perhaps just straight up a Left 4 Dead 3?

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