My dream The Walking Dead games – Reader’s Feature

Inspired by the revival of Telltale Games, a reader imagines a host of new Walking Dead games, including multiplayer titles and TV spin-offs.

With the release of all four seasons of The Walking Dead games, and now with Telltale Games making a big comeback with LCG Entertainment, this means that a whole slew of games can be made if they decided to do so.

With all four seasons of The Walking Dead already having storylines set and written, and together with the Machone and 400 Days games, it is clear to see that the Walking Dead series has been popular among fans. Here are five ways that I feel this series should return and what they could do to create future games into the next generation.

Alternative seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4

A lot of people would have loved to know how events would have played out if different events had happened. For example, one major event would be if Lee had never been bitten and had continued into seasons 2, 3, and 4. Plus, some characters could have had more plot-changing stories, ensuring some would survive much longer and allowing better endings and extra scenes between more of the different groups.

Working with other companies

Fans of the TV show and the games would be overjoyed if AMC and Fox combined forces with LCG Entertainment to create a video game that allowed the TV show characters and the game characters to meet and interact together. This could create intense and interesting storylines that have never been seen before and would attract fans of both the TV shows and the games. This could also pave the way for animated movies based on the games and would grow the series further and set new bars for these types of games.

New titles and characters

One big way The Walking Dead could make a comeback is by offering newer main characters along with storylines in multiple locations. This would allow newer titles to be made and would help grow the series further. This could also be expanded to other types of games, such as newer Survival Instinct titles, as well as a possible open world Walking Dead game.

Animated TV shows based on the events from the games

One good way to get many more people into the series would be for LCG Entertainment to work with Fox and AMC to bring this to the TV in the form of an animated series with different events to the happenings in the games. For example, as mentioned above, Lee surviving and Clementine meeting Michone or other characters from the different games would ensure the animated TV show is kept unpredictable and interesting for fans of the TV series, who are not aware of the games or what they offer.

All new multiplayer Walking Dead games

The one thing most Walking Dead games are missing is multiplayer. With a new Survival Instinct, multiplayer modes could be added ensuring lots of fun. For example, letting one team of players control walkers and one team humans would be interesting and would offer each team advantages. Some modes can easily be created, such as having only specific weapons as the human team, while the walker team could have a limited respawn time. This along with other challenges, modes and game types could make a multiplayer addition interesting to players.

For me, The Walking Dead deserves to expand and truly is a series that would keeping going as there is, I feel, still a lot more that could be done with it.

By reader gaz be rotten (gamertag)

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