Mutant Containment Trucks Coming To Fortnite This Season

Fortnite is officially well into its collaboration with Marvel, and with Wolverine as Season 4’s highlight, it’s time for the X-Men to take center stage. And if you have ever read a single issue of X-Men you’ll know what’s coming next: Mutant Containment Trucks. True to comic book canon, now that mutants have established a foothold in the Fortnite universe, someone wants them wiped out.

Players should expect to see these new vehicles to appear on the map around Week 5 of Season 4, which is scheduled for September 24th. Week 5’s challenge will have players locate these Mutant Containment Trucks around the arena, and given that mutants can’t go two steps without running into a Sentinel or some other dastardly plan to remove them from the universe in comics canon, players will likely have to destroy these vehicles or free any mutants stuck within.

With Wolverine’s skin up for grabs as the shining jewel of Season 4’s battle pass rewards, players who want to get their hands on everything Wolverine this season—including his skin—will need to complete Week 5’s challenge, which will award the Wolverine Vol. 2 #145 MCG glider style.

However, it’s not likely that the Mutant Containment Trucks can be acquired by players. The Iron Man Whiplash Car has already been introduced and it’s leagues better than most vehicles in the game. The normal Whiplash Car’s max speed is 90; the Iron Man version can hit speeds of 120. How can a Mutant Containment Truck compete, besides being a poor metaphor?

Those who want a heads up on where to find these vehicles may want to look to leaks, as Twitter user @FortTory recently posted leaked information about new landmarks and locations on the map. These landmarks include the Panther Monument (T’Challa, is that you?), the Collector’s Museum, the Dog House, and a place rather auspiciously titled “Security Truck (Prison Transport)”. This seems like a fairly likely location to house Mutant Containment Trucks.

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