MultiVersus Shows Off Improved Steven Universe Model

Player First Games has shown off its new Steven Universe model for MultiVersus.

When MultiVersus was first revealed, it gained a lot of attention for how detailed its character models and animations were, as well as how it managed to get the original voice actors for all of its fighters. Well, all besides one character – Steven Universe. Not only is Steven not voiced by Zach Callison, something that doesn't look to change, but he's also looked a little off ever since the first trailer.

This led to fans making mockups of how they'd change the model to look more like Steven, including changing the shape of his stomach, moving the position of his eyes, making his hair less shiny, and changing his skin tone to be a bit darker, among other edits. There were a fair few of these mockups, but one by HoneyluneHeals went viral around the time of MultiVersus' reveal.

Player First Games said that it'd be looking at feedback and it's made good on that promise, as it's made a new model for Steven that's more accurate, taking that feedback into account and going even further with it. The MultiVersus Twitter account shared off the new model, saying, "Update on Steven Universe! We heard your feedback, HoneyluneHeals, and made some adjustments. Here you can see his render from the trailer, player feedback, and our latest update! Thanks for the feedback and keep ‘em coming!"

The new render completely changes Steven's eyes to more closely match the show, taking out the shiny irises completely and moving them further apart. It also makes his hair much darker and the correct shape, as well as changing his body shape and the colour of his sandals. They're subtle changes but they all add together to make a much more accurate Steven and make him stand out less as the weak link.

The response to these changes has been very positive, with the community praising Player First Games for taking feedback on board and going even further than what some were asking for.

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