MultiVersus’ Rumored Goonies Character Might Be Data

It's been a fairly long time since MultiVersus received a new character and fans have been getting antsy. During the hunt to see who might be added to the roster next, a dataminer has discovered code for a new "floor slick" item that was introduced during the Season 2 update.

Shared by reliable MultiVersus dataminer Laisul, they also suggest that this new item may have something to do with the heavy rumors surrounding the possible addition of a character from The Goonies. Those who have seen the film will know that the character Data has a bunch of wacky inventions tucked away in his clothing, one of which is a pair of "Slick Shoes" which he uses to release slippery oil from his heels.

It's also worth noting that another of Data's inventions is called the Pinchers of Peril, a set of chattering teeth attached to a large spring that the character uses to latch onto a wall to stop himself falling into a pit of spikes. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh recently teased that the team at Player First is working on a character that can use a grappling hook, and Data's Pinchers of Peril certainly fit the bill.

Laisul stresses that this is just speculation, but Data definitely feels like a MultiVersus character in the making with all the silly little gizmos he carries around with him. If he is in the queue to be announced as a new character, he'll have to wait for The Joker to make his triumphant appearance first, as he's been strongly rumored as the next addition to the game due to voice lines and other features already in the game's files.

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