MTG: The 5 Best Blue Cards In Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate

Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur's Gate is a Magic: The Gathering crossover with Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike the previously Standard-legal Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, this new set is designed specifically around the popular multiplayer-focused Commander format.

In addition to providing players access with a myriad of new potential commanders, Battle For Baldur's Gate is home to many new powerful spells that are sure to shake up the format. It even introduces Backgrounds, a new type of enchantment designed to augment a player's commander. As the set features a multitude of great new blue cards for players to use in their decks, we're going to examine which of these new blue cards are truly the cream of the crop.

5 Volo, Itinerant Scholar

Volo, Itinerant Scholar is a great new blue commander capable of converting one's creatures into card draw. Upon entering the battlefield, Volo creates a legendary artifact token called Volo's Journal. This Journal states that whenever its controller casts a creature spell, they can note one of its types that hasn't already been noted. For two mana, Volo may be tapped to allow its controller to draw a card for each type that had been noted with Volo's Journal, offering a great payoff for creature-based blue decks.

As long as a player's deck utilizes a diverse range of creature types, this effect is capable of allowing a player to draw a sizable number of additional cards over the course of the game. As if this wasn't powerful enough, Volo has "choose a background," meaning it can flexibly be paired with a background card to allow players to build Volo decks of differing color identities.

4 Elminster's Simulacrum

Cloning spells are a flexible and fun option within the Commander format, allowing a player to gain access to their opponent's strongest creatures, scaling to potentially higher deck power levels. Though somewhat simple, Elminster's Simulacrum is a great cloning sorcery for six mana that, upon being cast, allows its controller to create a token copy of up to one creature controlled by each opponent. As Commander is traditionally played with four players, this spell not only provides access to three usable creatures, but it provides access to what are likely three of the most powerful creatures currently on the battlefield.

While this is already a strong effect in its own right, it can be made all the more impactful when paired with effects that are capable of duplicating or improving one's tokens.

3 Displacer Kitten

Displacer Kitten is four-mana Cat Beast capable of providing incredible value to decks rife with potent "enter the battlefield" triggers and blink decks. A 2/2, whenever Displacer Kitten's controller casts a noncreature spell, they can flicker any target nonland permanent they control, immediately returning it to the battlefield. This effectively allows each of a player's noncreature spells to double as flickering effects. This is quite powerful as once Displacer Kitten is in play, its controller can use any instants in their deck to dodge an opponent's targeted removal.

2 Font Of Magic

For blue decks based primarily around the use of potent instants and sorceries, Font of Magic can be an incredible asset. An enchantment for four mana, Font of Magic states that instants and sorceries its controller casts cost one less mana to cast for each time their commander has been cast from the command zone. By default this will most often provide a player with a discount of one mana on their instants and sorceries, if cast early into a game.

However, while a discount of one mana is solid, this benefit is really felt as a game progresses and a player has cast their commander two or three times, as a two or three mana cost reduction can allow a player to take explosive turns with ease. This card is best when paired with low-mana commanders that can reliably be cast several times throughout a game without much of a headache — such as Baral, Chief of Compliance or Thrasios, Triton Hero.

1 Ancient Silver Dragon

By and large, the most impressive blue card in Battle For Baldur's Gate is Ancient Silver Dragon. Blue's representative of the set's cycle of mythic rare mono-colored dragons, while this creature may cost a staggering eight mana, it is more than worth its cost. An 8/8 with flying, whenever this Dragon deals combat damage to a player, its controller rolls a d20, drawing a number of cards equal to the result. That player no longer has a maximum hand size for the rest of the game.

While this card may be unpredictable due to the randomness that comes with dice rolling, even if its controller rolls under the average, this is still an incredible means of drawing an absurd number of cards that may potentially be triggered during each of its controller's subsequent turns!

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