Movers In Paradise, Moving Out’s Beach-Themed DLC, Arrives February 25

Moving is not something that a lot of us are doing these days, thanks to that ongoing pandemic we’ve heard so much about. So perhaps that’s why Moving Out was just the right type of couch co-op game at the right time. It’s a game where you play as a moving company, moving precious possessions from somebody’s house onto your truck.

It’s been highly successful on Switch, with versions available on Xbox One and PS4, too. And just last January a free update added the “moving in” mode where you play the game in reverse, moving stuff from your truck into somebody’s home.

And now Moving Out is getting another, even zanier DLC. Movers in Paradise will add 14 new story levels, 4 new characters, and 10 new arcade levels where your team of expert movers will take stuff from a boat and put it on a private tropical island.

From the trailer, it looks like the four new characters include a crab dude, a toucan dude, a coral dude, and some dude wearing a coconut over his head. Or possibly he IS a coconut that somehow grew arms and legs–it’s hard to say for certain.

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I’m getting a definite Animal Crossing: New Horizons vibe with Movers in Paradise, and perhaps that’s by design. New Horizons has been incredibly successful for Nintendo, becoming the second best-selling Switch game of all time in less than a year.

And since nobody can really go on a tropical vacation (unless they’re incredibly rich and well connected), then Movers in Paradise is basically your next best thing.

There doesn’t seem to be much “house” to move the stuff into, so it looks like most of Movers in Paradise is just going to be making the wildest beach getaway possible. Also, love the reference to Boaty McBoatface.

It’s not clear at this time whether or not Movers in Paradise will be a free or a paid DLC. Either way, it’ll be out on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam on February 25.

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