Mortal Shell’s Free Halloween Update Is Out Now

Mortal Shell is a great game for Halloween with its creepy enemies and dark vibes, so the developers took the chance to run with it for a spooky update. The Rotten Autumn update is free for those who own Mortal Shell. For those who don’t, a 20% discount on the PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store (with Xbox coming on the 27th) should serve as an enticement.

The Mortal Shell: Rotten Autumn puts Gorf front and center. Yes Gorf, the giant toad. Gorf will issue players a short quest, with the reward being ten new Shell shades. These skins will give Shells spooky looks like Dracula paint or a pumpkin head.

Also part of the update, and just in time to show off these new Halloween looks, is a photo mode. Players can find the new tool in Mortal Shell’s pause menu.

Meanwhile, Mortal Shell is finally about to get a physical edition. This version will include a disc for PS4 and Xbox one, and a Epic Games Store Code for PC. Both versions will get an exclusive poster and artbook. Europe will get it first in the coming week, and US consumers will have to wait until November 3.

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