Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Next Update Adds A Xeno’jiiva Siege

Recently, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne received an update that introduced a new subspecies of Zinogre. Known as the Stygian Zinogre, apparently, this wasn’t the only thing lurking in the shadows. Capcom has pulled back the curtain on that other, mysterious monster and revealed it will be a siege version of the Elder Dragon, Xeno’jiiva.

In a new developer diary video published yesterday, Capcom explained that the new secret monster players can encounter is a “mature” version of an already present monster, Xeno’jiiva. For now, it is impossible to slay the monster. The present quest is more of a recon assignment that is designed as an introduction to the beast. It simply tasks hunters with repelling the beast for this new quest, which will be a siege battle.

Running from December 13 until January 5, players will be able to battle against Safi’jiiva (the name for Xeno’Jiva’s mature form) for a shot at new weapons and armor. The quest, itself, will be a siege style quest very similar to Kulve Taroth. Those who hunted that monster in the past will be familiar with how things work when Safi’jiiva’s quest releases.

To begin this new hunt, players will need to go to the “Gathering Hub” and ask at the information desk. Being a siege battle, up to 16 players can join in and duke it out with Safi’jiiva. It’s likely that players will be split into groups of four, similar to how Kulve Taroth’s quest worked.

The real temptation of the siege quest lies in the rewards. Aside from being able to craft armor for oneself and their Palico companion, players will also be able to receive various weapons from the quest (again, think of Kulve Taroth). However, what makes Safi’jiiva’s weapons unique is that players can customize the skills and abilities of the weapons to their liking.

In other words, these new weapons will be the ultimate way for players to tailor their preferred combat styles. You can even re-roll skills if you don’t happen to like them. Talk about convenience!

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