Monster Hunter World: How To Get And Use The Plunderblade

Even if you don’t want to team up with other players, you’re never completely on your own when you take on a hunt in Monster Hunter World thanks to your trusty palico sidekick. This feline friend will be with you through thick and thin, standing by your side as you take on foes orders of magnitude larger than either of you, so you should do what you can to outfit them with the best gear you can. Aside from weapons and armor, you can equip them with a special piece of equipment that gives you some form of buff. The Plunderblade is considered by many to be the best in the game, so getting into into the hands, or paws, of your palico early is essential.

Where To Find The Plunderblade In Monster Hunter World

Finding the Plunderblade requires you to first go through the game’s main story at least through the 14th assigned quest, Into the Bowels of the Vale, where you will gain access to the lower areas in the Rotten Vale. Once you can venture into this zone, head to area 13 and find the Lynian Researcher – make sure you bring at least a few pieces of raw meat with you. Speak to them, then leave the area for a minute or two until an Odogaron brings a corpse down.

There’s no need to fight it if you don’t want to, just wait for it to leave the corpse and wait for a Plunderer Grimalkyne to show up when you go back to the Lynian Researcher. It will flee when you get close, but after you talk to the Researcher you will have a new icon on your map to find the Plunderers in area 15.

Now make your way to this spot in area 15 where you will catch another glimpse of the Grimalkyne before it scampers off yet again. Your palico will suggest leaving some of your raw meat out for it. Drop one down in the middle of the room and retreat a bit into the tunnel and wait for a few of the Grimalkyne to come down and start munching on the meat.

Now when you approach them, they will be friendly and even give your palico a brand new Plunderblade, plus teach it how to speak Girros.

What The Plunderblade Does

So, now that you’ve gone through all the trouble of getting a Plunderblade, what was the point? When equipped, the Plunderblade lets your palico carve more monster parts while you’re still fighting, rather than having to wait until a monster is defeated. That allows you to get way more parts per hunt, and the higher level your palico becomes with it, the more materials it will carve.

Now, giving up the default vigorwasp might be a shock to some players who have become dependent on your palico constantly healing you up, but once you get into the meat of Monster Hunter, it is far more valuable to get additional resources to speed up your grind. On the other hand, if you’re not currently grinding out parts for a new armor set or weapon, take whatever makes your life easiest. Monster Hunter is all about preparation, and this is just another tool to add to your collection.

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