Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Rock Lizards

As the name would imply, Monster Hunter Rise features a lot of monsters for you to encounter. The Rock Lizard is an example of Endemic Life, small creatures and plants that can be collected to yield different resources.

Collecting the Rock Lizard can be difficult as the creature will run from your sight the moment you get too close to it or start attacking. Thankfully, finding the Rock Lizard is easy as they have rare glowing ores scaled on the body. Although Rock Lizards can spawn anywhere on the map at random, there are certain areas where they're most likely to be found.

Endemic Life: Rock Lizard Side Quest

The senior hunter Hanenaga will assign you a side quest near the beginning of the game to photograph the Rock Lizard. Although you don't have to complete this quest in order to finish Rise, it unlocks the Great Wirebugs for you to use, which make getting around the map a ton easier.

Rock Lizard Locations

To find the Rock Lizards, you will essentially need to explore the map and visit areas where they are frequently spotted. The Sandy Plains and Shrine Ruins are the best maps to find Rock Lizards.

Sandy Plain

While roaming the surface of Sandy Plain, Area 5, Area 8, and Area 9 are the go-to places to find Rock Lizard dwellings.

Shrine Ruins

If you are visiting the Shrine Ruins, go to Area 1, Area 8, Area 10, and Area 12 to maximize the chances of finding a Rock Lizard. You must look out for a small creature with vibrant crystalline colors like blue, pink, or purple scaled on its body.

Rock Lizard Side-Quest Reward

After finding the Rock Lizard, you must get close to it and take a photograph of it. After this, you can interact with it to collect it and gain materials. You can also attack the Rock Lizard with a Kunai to cause it to drop more materials.

Great Wirebugs

The main reward for completing this quest is the Great Wirebug. Great Wirebugs allow your character to traverse the terrain with greater agility, slingshotting you from the ground to much higher parts of the map.

Valuable Ores

Besides getting the Great Wirebugs as a one-time reward, players can always get valuable Ores by attacking or interacting with the Rock Lizard.

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