Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Omniplegia Sac

If you’re deep into High Rank and upgrading a few precious weapons, then you might find yourself in need of the Omniplegia Sac in Monster Hunter Rise. This simple item is surprisingly rare, only found in one location, and can be tough to acquire if you don’t know what to aim for.

Luckily, this is where we come through, of course. In this guide we’re breaking down exactly how you can acquire Omniplegia Sac for yourself, and farm as many as you need for your future weapon and armour projects.

This is one of the tougher High Rank items to find if you don’t know where to look, especially since the name doesn’t make things very clear, but follow this guide and you’ll soon know everything you need about the Omniplegia Sac in MH Rise.

Which Monsters Drop Omniplegia Sac In Monster Hunter Rise

Like many of the items you’ll be juggling in the late game, the Omniplegia Sac is a High Rank exclusive item, which means even if you’ve been hunting the right monsters, your chances of actually getting what you need is pretty low. Make sure you’re in the Gathering Hub and taking part in High Rank quests for a chance to earn this item.

Yes, the Omniplegia Sac is a monster material, and this one in particular can only be acquired from the Volvidon. The Volvidon is the armadillo-like monster you’ll be familiar with from the Lava Caverns and the Sandy Plains, and this creature will offer up the Omniplegia Sac.

Luckily the five-star Hub quest Bowled Over has you taking on two Volvidon in a single quest, and if you want to earn Omniplegia Sac no matter what, this is the quest to take on. Make sure to jump into a Join Request session and you’ll be able to earn this material quickly.

Monsters That Drop Omniplegia Sac

  • Volvidon
  • Locations – Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains
  • Quests – Bowled Over

How To Farm Omniplegia Sac In Monster Hunter Rise

So we need to farm Volvidon, and now we’ve assessed that the five-star Hub quest Bowled Over is the best one to take on, but we can increase our chances of earning Omniplegia Sac slightly.

We already know we have to be in High Rank in order to take down Volvidon and earn Omniplegia Sac for it, but you do actually get a slightly boosted chance of earning the Omnipleagia Sac if you Capture the monster instead of Carve it.

Before you head into the Bowled Over quest, make sure to come equipped with a few traps like Shock Trap and Pitfall Trap so you can capture the monster and manage to get just a few extra materials at the end of your hunt. This is a very rare item though, so it might take you several attempts to actually get the materials you need. Good luck!

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