Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Goldenfry

If you’re trying to get the very best equipment in Monster Hunter Rise, it sometimes requires some rare and odd materials to get there. One of these materials happens to be a fish, a Goldenfry, which just might be tougher to fish out of the waters of MH Rise than you might first think.

This fish can just be fished up with a rod, naturally, but it’s not so simple, and if you can’t seem to find it in a pond, you might need to opt for a different method. Luckily, we’ve got all of those methods listed below.

No matter how badly you need the Goldenfry, we’ve got the information you need. We’ve got the fishing spots you can visit immediately so you get the last item you need for your new build, and we’ve got alternative methods for anyone feeling a bit more patient in their wait for materials. No matter what you want, read below for the Goldenfry info you need in MHR.

Where To Find Goldenfry In Monster Hunter Rise

The Goldenfry, as mentioned, is a fish and will be fished out of water in MH Rise. If you want to catch the Goldenfry, you’ll need to tactfully find a pond and fish it out of water. You probably already know how to fish, but just in case, it’s very simple. Just follow these instructions:

  • You need to approach a body of water with fish in. You will know you’re in the right place when given the “Fish” prompt.
  • It doesn’t matter too much where you cast as fish are instantly drawn to your lure, but if you want a specific fish cast it in front of where they are swimming.
  • Watch the lure carefully as the fish nibble it. As soon as it is submerged under the water, tap A. If successful, you will reel out the fish.

The Goldenfry we’re looking for is actually one of the smaller fish in the game, so as tempting as it might be to land a big one, aim for a tiny fish for a chance at catching this one.

Flooded Forest (High Rank)

The Flooded Forest fishing pond is directly behind you as you load into the stage, right next to the Main Camp. I sometimes fish here while waiting for Join Request players online. Try to find the smallest fish in the pond during a High Rank Expedition for a chance at catching this elusive small-fry.

Sandy Plains (High Rank)

The Sandy Plains fishing pond is next to your second sub-camp, and we have a guide to help you find it right here. As with the Flooded Forest fishing pond, you’re aiming for the smallest fish in the pond, but there’s no guarantee that it will spawn here when you load in.

If those methods don’t work for you, we have one final method left to find the Goldenfry.

How To Have The Meowcenaries Source Goldenfry

You can also have the Meowcenaries find Goldenfry, which is nice, but it does take a lot of time, and doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll get what you need.

If you want to give your Meowcenaries a chance of farming Goldenfry for you, then you should send them to the High Rank version of the Flooded Forest where there’s a fishing spot node icon. With this in place, they just might find a few Goldenfry – but there’s unfortunately no guarantee…

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