Modder Adds Ability To Change Haircut In Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red boasted about the complex customizability of Cyberpunk 2077 with Ripperdocs on hand to tinker with your frontal cortex, immune system, skeleton, hands, and whatever else tickles your fancy – haircuts though? Not a chance. You’re stuck with how you looked from day one. Naturally, modders have sought to change that.

It’s especially weird considering that Witcher, a game that placed you in the shoes of a character with a predetermined story and appearance, let you get a haircut and a beard trim, even in 2011’s Witcher 2. This at least let the player have a semblance of control over how they looked at any given time. Cyberpunk appears to have fallen flat in that area.

Luckily, a mod has been uploaded to the Nexus website that lets players tinker with their hairstyle. This mod comes from user Woodbricks and it edits the hex code of a player’s save file in order to let them change their hair to whatever they want from the 38 options in-game. However, it doesn’t work for those who went with style 39 which makes V bald.

If you do decide to change your hairstyle using this mod, then you can do so again and again and again, so long as you never go bald – it looks like V can’t grow their hair back once it’s all cut out. Nonetheless, this is only a workaround for PC users so those on PlayStation and Xbox, even if Sony has pulled the game from its store, are stuck with whatever they opted to choose the first time around.

The modding community has been busy with engine tweaks that aim to fix bugs and crashes, vehicle handling improvements, reshades galore, and a much-needed FOV slider.

Perhaps, once the onslaught of bugs have been ironed out and the crashes fixed, CD Projekt Red can get around to quality of life additions such as adding hairdressers or even plastic surgeons – if Saints Row of all games can let you completely change how you appear, surely Cyberpunk 2077 can.

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