Minecrafter Recreates Dark Souls’ Firelink Shrine

Minecraft is usually peaceful unless you play on hardcore and get lost at night while six creepers chase you into a horde of skeletons. Normally is the key word, it's normally a peaceful little excursion into your own creativity. But one fan has opted to bring Dark Souls' Firelink Shrine to the block-world—let's just hope they leave it there.

Firelink Shrine is bliss. It's the safe haven from the demons, dragons, gargoyles, demigods, and scorned knights all out to kill you. Oh, and the zombies. There's a lot that wants you dead in Dark Souls. But in Minecraft, it's similarly bliss, with the campfire, abandoned church, ruined stairs, and perched mountainside cliffs.

It even features the Crestfallen Warrior by using a zombie in chainmail armour, although he's eternally burning to death thanks to that pesky sun. If you thought he was mad and miserable in Dark Souls, imagine him in this scenario.

It's not fully complete yet, with the most recent Reddit post being a WIP update, but it does give us a further glimpse at this ambitious and very accurate project aiming to bring Firelink Shrine to Minecraft. Maybe we'll see similar projects for The Nexus, Majula, and Firelink Shrine 2.0, or maybe they'll go a bit more masochistic and recreate Lost Izalith, complete with the Bed of Chaos.

Whatever the case, their current project is a beautiful replica of one of Dark Souls' most tranquil spots. It's just a shame that it doesn't come with the signature lullaby music that eases the Chosen Undead into a calm state by the bonfire—you can always put together a resource pack, though.

You can find our old Crestfallen pal, but not Lautrec. Not yet. But all you need is a zombie, some golden armour, and a cliff to kick him off. There's also no sign of Petrus, the betraying cleric, or the Firekeeper, but perhaps these are all things we'll see later down the line as more updates are shared.

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