Minecraft PS4 update 1.90 – Patch notes revealed for latest Minecraft download

Minecraft update 1.90 is out now on PS4 with the latest patch bringing a significant amount of content to the hugely popular title.

At just 239.8MB, the latest Minecraft download brings a big amount of content for such a small download size.

Minecraft update 1.90 includes the latest Minecraft Texture Pack as well as the crossbow and shields.

Other new objects included with Minecraft update 1.90 are the Loom, the Lantern, the Lecturn and the new Enchanted Books.

The latest Minecraft patch also include the chance of leaves being able to drop sticks when destroyed.

You can find the full patch notes for Minecraft update 1.90 below…

• Added “Jellie” the new community Cat variant.

• Added the new Minecraft Texture Pack.

• Added the Classic Texture Pack.

• Added the Loom.

• Added the Banner Pattern.

• Added the Lantern.

• Added the Lectern.

• Added new Wooden blocks and Stripped Wood blocks.

• Added the Crossbow.

• Added Shields.

• Added the Pillager.

• Added new Enhanced Books.

• Leaves now have a chance of dropping Sticks when destroyed.

• Dead Bushes can now be used as Furnace fuel.

• Chorus Flowers can now be destroyed with Arrows.

• Cats can now be healed by feeding them Raw Cod or Raw Salmon.

• Creepers can now drop Records if they are killed by a Stray.

• Dispenses with Shears in them will shear Sheep when activated.

• Added new recipes for Rabbit Stew and Beetroot Soup.

• Added the ability to create dyed Stained Glass from Glass Pane and Dye.

• Added the ability to create dyed Carpet from White Carpet and Dye.

• Wet Sponges will now dry out after a while when placed in the Nether or a Warm Biome.

• Added new Trophies.

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