Minecraft Player Recreates Toto’s Africa With Moving Backgrounds

Everybody knows Africa by Toto. I know it because the dive bar I worked in for years at uni had it on the jukebox, and every night someone thought it'd be funny to queue it up ten times in a row so that we were still listening to it as we closed for the night at 3am. Naturally, I soured on the song a bit, but this Minecraft player's recreation, complete with adorable savannah background, has won me over again.

As spotted by NME, stacinator shared their creation over on the Minecraft subreddit. They wrote, "After 3 months I finally finished this project! Heres a snippet of Totos Africa in note blocks and command blocks."

The song is played beautifully on Minecraft's note blocks, with the meoldy and even the tune of the lyrics coming through perfectly. What makes it all so much better though is the background panorama of elephants, birds, and trees. There's even a little baby elephant who walks and grabs the tail of the elephant in front with its little trunk – it's so cute and is what won me back to Toto's side after the dark days of bartending.

As well as elephants, there are flamingos that turn into musical notes at the behest of a conductor, lightning strikes and rain – as the song foretold – and a night sky with stars that pop in and out. If this is the power of the command block, then I fear any who knows how to wield it as well as stacinator. I can barely make a simple mob farm work.

The video has to be seen with your own two eyes though, no description is going to do it justice. There's a multicoloured giraffe in it too.

In other Minecraft news, one player remade Bloodborne's Yharnam so well that people mistook it for a PS1 demake. That already exists. It's called Bloodborne PSX and it rules. The creator of that is currently developing a Bloodborne kart racer, because why the hell not?

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