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Midnight Fight Express is an electrifying Beat-'em-Up that offers constant chaos at every twist and turn. Whether you're brawling your way through the streets or using a mini-gun to fend off encroaching enemies, you will always be on the edge of your seat when laying down a propper can of you-know-what.

One aspect of Midnight Fight Express is the hundreds of cosmetic items you can unlock and purchase from the 'Appearance' shop from the Hideout, which you get for completing challenges, collecting Gold Teeth, and more. While this may seem like a lot of work for cosmetic items, getting a 100 percent clear rating on a mission will unlock a fun Cheat for you to use on other completed levels, making it worthwhile.

Mission 1 Overview

Since the Factory is Midnight Fight Express's first mission, you can expect the challenges to be some of the most straightforward in the game. While this doesn't necessarily make them easy, it's always nice to know what each challenge expects from you, and all three of these tell you exactly how to complete them.

Factory Challenges

  • Complete The Level Without Dying
  • Get To The Bro-tel In Less Than 180 Seconds
  • Defeat 15 Enemies Using Weapons

Now that everything is laid out, it's time to dive into the general tips and strategies for each challenge found in the first mission of Midnight Fight Express. You can find a detailed guide for each of the challenges in the section below!

Please note that challenges are unavailable until you have cleared the mission. So, before you jump into this guide, be sure to have cleared the mission at least once!

Mission 1 Challenge Guide

As mentioned above, the Factory is Midnight Fight Express's first mission, so its challenges won't be too demanding or complex to pull off. While some could trip you up here and there, you should be able to tackle them after a few attempts and a little strategy. While we recommend coming back to tackle all challenges after you have rolled credits since you will have every Skill, you should be fine attempting the first mission's challenges without having all forty Skills.

Complete The Level Without Dying

The first challenge has you clear the entire mission without dying, which can be a bit tricky at first. While this is a relatively straightforward task, we have several tips to help you meet your early demise.

  • Avoid using explosives at all costs! – Sure, it's fun hurling a propane tank at a group of enemies and seeing them explode into a mist of blood. But the splash damage that gets inflicted on you if they're too close is not worth the risk. Stick to your fists and weapons to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  • Change Difficulties – If you're playing on Hard or Realistic, we suggest turning the difficulty down to Easy or Custom so you can brute-force your way through the level. There's no shame in tackling some of these challenges on an easier difficulty. That's what it's there for!
  • Always use a weapon – No matter what, you should always pick up the nearest weapon or targetting the opponent that has one, as they do considerably more damage than your fists and will help you make quick work of the obstacles in your way.
  • Come back later – There's no harm in returning after you get stronger by learning more Skills that will help you destroy the early mobs of the game. Whether using your Secondary Weapon, Finishers, or Counter-Parry, you will be flexing on the early-game enemies after spending a few of your Skill Points later down the road. If you are dying a lot here, we suggest walking away and tackling it later!

Get To The Bro-tel In Less Than 180 Seconds

This is another straightforward one that will come naturally as you familiarize yourself with the mission's layout and enemy placement. In terms of tips, we feel they go hand-in-hand with the ones outlined above in the first challenge. While clearing the mission in three minutes may seem like you need to rush through the level, you actually don't have to hustle all that much. Remember, this is the first mission, so it's not overly long or grueling to get through. Just go in with a strategy and follow the tips provided above, and you'll be golden!

Defeat 15 Enemies Using Weapons

Lastly, our final challenge asks us to defeat 15 enemies using a weapon, which is easy peasy and as straightforward as it gets. As you make your way through the level, you will encounter enemies with batons, bats, and guns that you can target, beatdown, and steal from and use yourself.

Anytime you see an enemy with a weapon, make them your primary target and either throw an object at them or give them your hands of rage, then steal their weapon and use it on the remaining ones until it breaks, then rinse and repeat. It may take an attempt or two to get this, but after you know the areas where enemies have weapons and how to handle the situations properly, you will have this challenge in the bag in no time.

Additionally, you can return to this challenge a bit later after you learn more disarming techniques if you struggle to fight enemies with weapons. This will allow you to come back stronger and more prepared for this challenge and the others!

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