Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War: Complete Carnán Quest Walkthrough

The Carnán quests are a series of three optional tasks which become available in Act 2 of Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Once you've completed the "Ring of Power" quest, you'll be able to begin the Carnán storyline with its first chapter, "Violent Nature."

This quest chain contains some boss fights, so make sure you're prepared before embarking on each chapter. Since it's optional, you can complete the Carnán storyline at any time; you don't need to do it as soon as it becomes available. If you need to do some grinding and come back later, that's perfectly fine.

Violent Nature

  • Upon accepting the first Carnán quest, you'll see some orcs fleeing the forest.
  • Naturally, your first step will be to enter the woods and look for whatever has the orcs so scared.
  • Follow the yellow objective markers. At each, you'll find some uruk-hai trapped by tree roots; interrogate them to get a glimpse of Carnán's power.
  • The first uruk is straight ahead upon entering the forest.
  • The second uruk is to the left of the first.
  • The third uruk is ahead and to the right from the second, near the center of the forest.
  • After interrogating the third uruk, a Great Tree will appear behind Talion. Inspect it to trigger a cutscene.

How To Defeat the Spirit Of Carnán

  • The Spirit first takes the shape of a Caragor.
    • She opens the battle with a quick-time event; if successful, Talion throws her against the Great Tree. Hit her repeatedly while she recovers to easily defeat the Caragor form.
  • After the Caragor is defeated, the Spirit will manifest as a Graug.
    • Stay out of melee range and avoid her fireballs.
    • Keep moving and repeatedly shoot the Spirit from a distance.
    • This is the best time to achieve the sub-objective of landing five headshots against the Spirit.
    • After finishing the Graug form, the Spirit will return in the shape of a Drake.
      • Use Charged Shots to bring down the Drake, avoiding attacks as necessary.
      • After defeating the Spirit's third form, a cutscene will play and the "Violent Nature" quest is completed.
      • You'll earn 6,620 XP and 880 Mirian. If you got the requisite five headshots, you'll also receive a Life Gem.
      • Carnán's Bane

        • After defeating the Spirit of Carnán, travel to the starting point for "Carnán's Bane" to begin the next chapter.
        • An orc called Zog the Eternal leads a group of acolytes here — slay them all.
        • As usual, it's easiest to quietly take out the acolytes before engaging Zog.
          • Each target has a yellow objective marker over their head.
          • Climbing the towers on either side and eliminating the lookouts will make it easier to defeat the enemies on the ground level.
        • Zog the Eternal can inflict Curse, causing your Health and Wrath to reduce over time until the effect expires.
        • Zog also has the Vault Breaker ability, so you won't be able to vault over him without getting countered.
        • Once Zog is defeated, leap into the pit to trigger a cutscene and face Tar Goroth.
        • How To Defeat Tar Goroth In Carnán's Bane

          Phase One

          • While Tar Goroth is distracted killing a troll, heed Celebrimbor's advice and shoot the glowing area on Tar Goroth's back with a Charged Shot.
          • Watch for fiery circles to appear on the ground – stay out of them or you'll be hit by falling debris.
          • Tar Goroth won't attack you in the first phase of the fight thanks to Carnán's interference — all you have to do is avoid the debris and get into position to keep shooting the Balrog's back.
          • The target is easiest to hit when Tar Goroth stands upright and roars.
          • After your enemy's health bar is reduced about halfway, he will take to the skies. Approach Carnán to mount up and give chase.

          Phase Two

          • Use Carnán's Graug form to climb the cliffs to Tar Goroth's new location.
          • Upon engaging Tar Goroth once more, attack relentlessly with Carnán's fists.
            • Be ready for quick-time events to dodge Tar Goroth's whip attacks.
          • Keep hammering at Tar Goroth with melee attacks until prompted to shoot him. It will take a while, so be patient and don't let up.
          • When Talion is thrown from Carnán's back, unload Charged Shots into the glowing target in Tar Goroth's chest.
          • Tar Goroth will fly away again. Get back on Carnán's shoulders to continue the fight.
          • Once again you'll need to climb the cliffs to pursue Tar Goroth. At the top, a cutscene will play and the "Carnán's Bane" quest will conclude.
          • You'll receive 10,625 XP and 960 Mirian. If you managed to get through the entire battle without being hit by debris, you'll also receive a Warrior Gem.
          • Frozen Flame

            • Follow Carnán and Tar Goroth to the starting point for "Frozen Flame" to begin the final quest in the Carnán storyline.
            • After meeting with Carnán, hop onto her Caragor form and ride after Tar Goroth. Just follow the trail of flames.
            • You'll encounter orcs along the way, but it isn't necessary to fight them unless you want to. Carnán can easily outrun them.
            • When you reach the end of the trail, Tar Goroth will appear and begin chasing you.
            • Run through the tunnels, staying as far from Tar Goroth as you can.
            • Shoot to the rear to hit icicles hanging from the cave ceiling to drop them on Tar Goroth.
              • Use Focus to get the timing right.
            • Tar Goroth is faster than Carnán so if you don't hit him with icicles to stun him he will eventually catch up and kill you.
            • At the end of the chase sequence, a cutscene will play.
            • How To Defeat Tar Goroth In Frozen Flame

              Phase One

              • After the cutscene, you'll face off on foot against a fully-restored Tar Goroth.
              • None of your attacks will damage the Balrog, so dodge his attacks and get as far away from him as you can.
              • Once you're far enough away from Tar Goroth, a new cutscene will play – this will take a minimum of ten seconds if you run full-tilt directly away.

              Phase Two

              • After the cutscene, you'll be airborne in Carnán's Drake form.
              • Avoid Tar Goroth's projectiles as you close in on him.
              • Diving onto Tar Goroth will push him into the icy water, severely damaging him.
              • Your third dive attack against Tar Goroth will trigger a quick-time event. Repeatedly press the indicated button
              • Damaging Tar Goroth with Frost Breath will build up Carnán's might, allowing her to unleash Ice Breath.
                • Hitting Tar Goroth with Ice Breath at least three times completes the sub-objective for this quest.
                • If you're close enough to hit Tar Goroth with a breath weapon, you'll be too close to reliably dodge his shots. Be sure to keep an eye on your health bar and retreat if things get dicey.
              • When Tar Goroth's health bar reaches a critical state, Celebrimbor will say "Let us fall upon it." That's your cue to go for one last dive attack.
              • After the cutscene that follows the final dive, the quest is over. You'll earn 25,610 XP and 1100 Mirian. If you hit Tar Goroth with three or more Ice Blasts you'll also receive a Warrior Gem.
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