Metal Max Xeno Reborn: Breaking Down The Sortie

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One of the best aspects of Metal Max Xeno Reborn is that, unlike other RPGs that have you travel to various stores, all of the game's resources are in one place. The Sortie, located at the Iron Base, contains shops, a crafting garage, and equipment menus for organizing your party. You'll find the Sortie at the blue-screened terminal in front of your vehicles.

Unfortunately, Metal Max's sortie tutorial does not get into much detail. Therefore, you'll have to jump in and tinker around with the Sortie's menus before understanding what everything does. Luckily, we've gathered all the details you need to understand each sortie menu and what options they offer.

The Sortie Counter

The Sortie Counter is where you'll establish your party formation before heading out into the desert. You'll notice that its UI is practically identical to the pause menu. There is a display of your party members (including your canine companion) and tanks, the extinction counter, the current gold reserve, and the days survived.

This menu's primary function is decking up for departures, so clicking on a party member or vehicle will present an option to switch formation. You can swap out party members, change their assigned vehicle, or remove characters from the party.

Still, the Sortie Counter's functionality differs slightly from the pause menu, where you can directly alter equipped weapons and stats. However, selecting a character or vehicle with the designated Equipment button will take you to the corresponding equip menu.

Once ready to embark, select the Sortie icon above the party formation. You can choose whether to sortie immediately, in the morning, or the evening. Then, you can travel to any area you have previously visited on the map.

The Sortie Shop

The Sortie Shop is where you can buy and sell equipment for party members or their vehicles. Whether you're buying or selling, there are two sections of the shop: Tank Supplies and Handheld Supplies.

Tank Supplies cover weapons and parts for tanks, including Cannons, Machine Guns, S-Es, Engines, and Trait Chips.

Handheld Supplies cover anything a party member would use outside of their vehicle. These supplies include consumable items (i.e., energy drinks, antidotes, etc.), weapons (ranged and melee), and defensive armor​​​​.

Furthermore, if you wish to buy items, weapons, and armor for your canine companion, such as doggie chow or pochi cannons, they are also in the Handheld Supplies menu.

Like most RPGs, you will get less gold back for items you sell than you paid for them.

The Garage

The Garage is the last section of the Sortie and arguably the most in-depth. This menu allows you to customize your vehicle and weapons with performance upgrades. Plus, you can craft weapons from scratch with scavenged materials from your travels.

Weapon Modification

Weapon Modification is where you can upgrade the weapons you own. These weapons include cannons, machine guns, S-Es, and engines. From the list of weapon upgrades, you can choose to either Enhance, Reinforce, or Reduce The Weight of a weapon. Or, you can Restore a weapon to its original conditions.

  • Enhancing a weapon adds durability but raises its weight.
  • Reducing Weight decreases the weight at a cost to durability.
  • Reinforcements upgrade weapon stats, including Attack Power, Durability, Range, and Affinity.
  • Restoring a weapon will undo any enhancements or weight reductions to your weapon.

Vehicle Modification

The Vehicle Modification menu allows you to adjust the specifications of your vehicles. You can perform three types of modifications: Port Modifications, Socket Modifications, and Chassis Modifications.

  • Port Modifications let you dedicate your five mounts to canons, machine guns, or S-E weapons.
  • Socket Modifications allow you to open up sockets for equipping Trait Chips.
  • Chassis Modification allows you to either Reinforce or Reduce The Weight of the vehicle's chassis.
    • Reinforcing the chassis increases the gross weight, decreases SP (Armor Tile), and increases defensive power.
    • Reducing the chassis weight decreases the gross weight, increases SP, and decreases defensive power.
    • You can also Restore the chassis to its original conditions as you would with weapon mods.

    Weapon Manufacturing

    The Weapon Manufacturing menu is Metal Max's central crafting hub. This section allows you to craft new weapons using materials found while out in the Tokyo Desert. If a weapon is craftable, it will appear in white in the drop-down menu. However, it will appear in red if you lack the gold or materials necessary to craft a weapon.

    If you're not sure where to find a necessary material, whether you are crafting a new weapon or upgrading a current one, check the Material Details. This option will show which monsters carry the necessary crafting materials in the game's monster library. However, you need to encounter the monster first for it to appear in your query.

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