Metal Gear Solid Fans Are Overanalysing Bluepoint’s Christmas Card In Hopes Of A Remake

Some fans are convinced that a holiday greetings card from Bluepoint Games is the first sign that a Metal Gear Solid remake is in the works. Or it might be a remake of whatever Sony game you, dear reader, want the most. It's really just a box with a ribbon on it.

The image in question (which you can see here) features all three games Bluepoint is best known for. There's the Leviathan Axe from God of War: Ragnarok (which Bluepoint played support studio for), there's the sword from Shadow of the Colossus, and a shield from Demon's Souls. And then there's an unmarked white box with a red ribbon tying it down.

There could be literally anything inside that box, but fans seem utterly convinced that it's hiding Solid Snake. Or a FAMAS assault rifle, or a claymore mine, or a grenade, or whatever item you think is iconic enough to represent Metal Gear Solid.

One fan was convinced that a recent tweet from Hideo Kojima somehow tied into Bluepoint's holiday greetings and that there's a big red exclamation point in that gift package. Others think that the exclamation point is already present and we just have to turn the gift upside-down. Conspiracy theories get even more elaborate from there, although there's at least one level-headed fan that points out a Metal Gear Solid remake would most likely be represented by a plain cardboard box and not a gift box.

Of course, with Bluepoint having already made one Soulsborne game, it seems natural to think that they’d also want to remake Bloodborne, a game that fans have spent years screaming for a remake.

As pointed out by Games Radar, there is a rumor that Bluepoint is working on a Miles Morales-sized game and a "remake of a beloved game." But we're also pretty sure that Virtuous is already remaking Metal Gear Solid 3. Time will have to tell if Snake will rise again.

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