Mega Man: 8 Robot Masters That Would Make Perfect Best Friends

Since 1987, Mega Man has been fighting for everlasting peace and turning Dr. Wily’s evil plans into scrap metal. While the series is known for its challenging gameplay and varied selection of weapons, the bosses are also a big part of what makes the blue bomber iconic.

The bosses of the classic Mega Man series, known as Robot Masters, are always designed as the final test of a player’s ability at the end of the stage. Some are easier to defeat than others but no matter the model, they were all originally built for an innocent purpose that anyone can find useful.

8 Bounce Man – Elastic Fitness Instructor

Mega Man 11 surprised many of us with its refined return to form. Delivering on the action and challenge we’ve all come to expect from the series as well as a fresh batch of colorful robot masters. One of the most adorable ones is Bounce Man, a crash test dummy robot turned fitness instructor.

The in-game gallery describes Bounce Man as “innocent and optimistic” who just can’t keep himself from bouncing for joy all the time. He’s sweet, round, and pink – sounds familiar.

7 Splash Woman – Rescue Swimmer

Created by Dr. Light to rescue victims caught at sea, Splash Woman is described as an expert swimmer and a great at karaoke. Her design is modeled after mermaids, which explains her shyness around large crowds and ability to sing.

Splash Woman just sounds like the kind of robot master anybody can hang out with after a tough weekend. Just imagine karaoke night with her and Guts Man (who also enjoys a good sing song) as they take turns hogging the microphone. Make it happen, Capcom.

6 Fire Man – Waste Disposal

A living incinerator capable of putting out fire hot enough to reach 8000 degrees, Fire Man is a robot master capable of melting through just about anything. But when he’s not busy being a hot-headed fighter, he is described as a lover of camping outdoors.

While it might seem dangerous to bring along a fire-themed robot to the woods, Fire Man would instead be the perfect friend to bring along for some serious spring-cleaning. With him around, you would never have to worry about clutter or a build-up of trash ever again.

5 Blast Man – Mad Explosion Artist

Who doesn’t enjoy a good fiery explosion? Or some death-defying display of daredevilry? That’s where Blast Man comes into play. He makes a living using his explosive power of Chain Bombs to light up an amusement park with fireworks.

What makes Blast Man so cool is the boundless energy he seems to radiate with. While he might be a little self-centered and hot-headed, according to his Mega Man 11 profile, Blast Man has a passion for his explosive art we could all take a page from. He’s also a journalist. That’s nice.

4 Toad Man – Irrigation Device

At first glance, you might not think much of a robot master named Toad Man. You might believe that a toad-themed fighting robot might not be as cool as something like Tengu Man or Knight Man. However, that’s some serious negative thinking. Here’s one good reason why Toad Man is fantastic and the only one you’ll need.

He’s adorable! All he does is hop around the battle and try to squish you. It’s the cutest gosh darn thing in the whole series. Yes, even cuter than Mets. How could anyone not want this adorable little guy as their buddy?

3 Napalm Man – Weapons Enthusiast

Yes. Napalm Man knows exactly what’s up. What’s better than having one napalm launcher? How about two…as hands? Joking aside, and despite his destructive capabilities, Napalm Man prides itself on its diplomatic abilities.

It’s rare to see a robot master so swept up in themes of loyalty and honor. Especially when you consider that, as the player, you’re trying to destroy these guys. It makes Napalm Man one of the most compelling bosses in the classics.

2 Shade Man – Haunted House Attraction

This one is for all the tall, dark, brooders out there. Shade Man is the kind of robot that likes to frequent dark places and hang out like a real bat. He’s also apparently quite the dandy, as he loves to practice singing and does not tolerate any kind of laziness.

Shade Man is also very vampire-like, drinking oil straight from robots and enjoying a glass of tomato juice with an intense dislike for garlic. He also seems like the perfect buddy to bring along for a Hot Topic shopping spree.

1 Aqua Man – Water Treatment Robot

No, not that Aquaman but rather the absolute pinnacle of robot master design. From the way his top hat doubles as a container for water to how his hand functions similarly to a water hose, Aqua Man is the perfect robot design for any boss character in the classic Mega Man series.

And that would be enough to sell anyone on why this guy is perfect in just about every conceivable way, but when you hear Aqua Man in action? Cuteness incarnate. From his adorable design, love of bad puns, to the way he sounds mid-combat, Aqua Man might just be the perfect robot master to be buddies with. Plus, just look at him: He’s so friend-shaped!

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