Medieval Dynasty: How To Fish

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Fishing is an important task for any survival game, and Medieval Dynasty is no exception. While building your village and growing its population, you will get the opportunity to fish. Unlike other survival games though, there is no fishing rod involved. Instead, you will only need a net.

In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about fishing, including how to do it and what you can do with the fish. First, let's take a look at how you can start fishing for the first time.

How To Unlock Fishing

Prior to fishing, you will need to unlock the scheme for the fishing net. This is a craftable item that will unlock once you have 500 survival technology points. Survival technology points can be earned by doing survival-related activities, such as hunting and setting traps.

A good way to increase how fast you gain survival technology points is to craft wooden spears and hunt rabbits. The rabbits found around the valley will die in one hit, allowing you to quickly increase your technology points while gathering meat and fur at the same time. If you do this, be sure to have a knife on hand so you can gather the meat and fur from the rabbit.

With enough points, you can buy the small fishing net scheme directly from the technology page, as well as from your crafting menu. There are two additional fishing nets as well; below you can check out how to unlock each net.

Fishing NetSurvival Tech Points NeededScheme PriceMaterials Needed
Small Fishing Net500250 coins
  • 2 Sticks
  • 6 Linen Thread
Medium Fishing1,000750 coins
  • 2 Sticks
  • 9 Linen Thread
Large Fishing Net5,0001,500 coins
  • 2 Sticks
  • 12 Linen Thread

Each net can catch fish of the same size. For example, the small fishing net will catch small fish, while the large net can catch large fish.

It's important to remember that only one of each trap type can be placed at a time. This applies to rabbit, bird, and rat traps as well. When you earn enough survival technology points to craft all three types of fishing nets, you will be able to maximize your fishing by placing all three at the same time. When you first unlock the net though, you will only be able to place one net in the valley.

How To Use A Fishing Net

To make your first fishing net, head to the crafting menu (press Q). Here, you will see various categories of crafting. Fishing nets will be within the traps section, which can be found under Furniture and Decorations.

Select the fishing net you want to use and then craft it. Doing so will create an outline of the trap, allowing you to choose a location in the water. Once you have found a spot that you like, set down the net and you're done!

Your fishing net will catch fish over time; if you visit again the next day, a fish will have a high chance of being caught.

Each trap can only be used three times, so after the third fish is caught, the trap will break and you will need to make a new one.

Fishing Huts

Fishing huts are buildings where you can craft fishing-related items, as well as turn whole fish into fish meat. This is a necessary step before you can cook your fish.

From the crafting table of a fishing hut, you can gather meat from the following fish:

  • Roach: 1 fish meat
  • Perch: 4 fish meat
  • Pike: 7 fish meat

The fishing hut building will unlock at the same time you unlock the small fishing net; all you need is 500 survival technology points. To build a fishing hut, you will need the following materials.

  • Foundation:
    • 8 Logs
  • Walls and Roof:
    • 11 Logs
    • 58 Sticks
    • 32 Straw
    • Once you have 5,000 survival technology points, you will also be able to construct Fishing Hut II. This is an upgraded version of the fishing hut that just needs 64 logs in total.

      Cooking Fish

      Now that you have some fish meat, it's time to cook it! You can cook raw fish directly from a cooking pot, campfire, or kitchen. This will provide cooked fish that can be eaten, sold, or given to villagers.

      Fish can also be salted inside a salting barrel. This is a crafting station that can be found within hunting lodges and fishing huts. Here, you will be able to add meat or fish with salt to make dried meat and dried fish. Although this isn't the best food source compared to normal cooked fish, it will last longer without spoiling.

      That's all there is to know about fishing in Medieval Dynasty. Be sure to craft a fishing net and place it in the river going through the valley!

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