Mass Effect 2: Should You Save The City Or The Spaceport?

The launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has not only brought new gamers into the world of Mass Effect but has also given veterans a new incentive to complete optional content that they might have missed in their previous playthroughs. One of these missions is N7: Javelin Missiles Launched in which you need to make a difficult decision. Here’s what you need to know.

How To Start The Quest N7: Javelin Missiles Launched

You usually receive this quest from EDI, who sends Shepard a message about an Alliance colony under attack. You must have completed the quest N7: Blue Suns Base first.

You can also acquire it as soon as you unlock the Sigurd’s Cradle cluster, though, by scanning the moon, called Franklin, of a planet named Watson in the Skepsis system.

Choosing The Residential District Or The Industrial Disctrict

The N7: Javelin Missiles Launched mission is fast-paced, giving players only 5 minutes to complete it. As you and your squad rush through the base, you’ll have to fight off Batarians left and right.

Eventually, you’ll fight two Batarian Commanders and their Troopers. Once they’re dealt with, you can bypass the nearby door and access the silo control room. Once you enter the room you’ll have to fight another tough Batarian Commander and make your final decision by hacking a nearby console.

Tip: Save your game before starting this hack if you want to be able to change your mind. 

EDI informs Shepard that there is only one kill switch code remaining but there are two places in danger: the city, which is the residential district of the colony, and the spaceport, the industrial district of the colony.

You must choose which to save.

The Consequences Of Your Decision

Note: Neither decision provides any Renegade or Paragon points, nor is this mission mentioned again as a War Asset during Mass Effect 3. Here’s what happens.

If You Save The Residential District

  • Thousands of people will be saved
  • The colony is no longer viable for life and must be evacuated
  • 125 Experience Points
  • 7500 Credits (3750 from Cerberus Funding, 3750 found)
  • 2000 Palladium

If You Save The Industrial District

  • Thousands of people will die
  • The colony will be repopulated
  • 125 Experience Points
  • 7500 Credits (3750 from Cerberus Funding, 3750 found)
  • 2000 Palladium

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