Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Best Deck For The Hunter

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When guiding the Midnight Suns to defeat Lilith, the character you must know best is none other than her offspring, The Hunter. You'll get to know this hero intimately as you control them around the Abbey, change their outfits, and customize their room.

More importantly, the rest of the game's cast will level up with The Hunter. So, as long as you keep The Hunter in play throughout each mission, even your out-of-commission teammates will continue to improve. So, let's break down the best deck and strategies for The Hunter.

What Is The Hunter's Defining Feature?

The Hunter is the most malleable character you'll command in Midnight Suns. This flexibility is due to their ability branches, which include Light, Dark, and Power abilities.

  • Light abilities support The Hunter and allies, often through healing and heroism generation.
  • Dark abilities significantly damage or control The Hunter's enemies. However, these skills come at a steep cost for The Hunter or their allies.
  • Power abilities can offer offensive and defensive maneuvers, thus making The Hunter a balanced fighter.

Social interactions and choices throughout the game will affect The Hunter's alignment, thus giving them access to skills leaning toward their inclinations.

What Are The Hunter's Passive Abilities

The Hunter's passive abilities change depending on their collar and suit.

  • Collars often align with specific abilities and require using them in combat to activate. For instance, a Light-aligned collar may require you to play three Light cards in battle before unlocking its abilities.
  • Suits unlock throughout the story and offer powerful passive abilities. However, once you unlock a suit, you can use its ability while wearing whatever you like. So, you don't have to sacrifice your fashion sense for super skills!

What Is The Best Deck For The Hunter?

As you can see, building a deck for The Hunter is contingent on your playstyle. Sometimes, your deck may change per the teammates in your squad. However, we found that a healthy balance of Light, Dark, and Power abilities can build a substantial yet flexible deck that works for most situations. Here are the cards we recommend.


Quick Slash: It's always a good idea to include at least one Quick card in your deck for each character. These Quick cards will help you knock out minions early in battle without wasting card plays. Furthermore, Quick Slash + will give more bang for your buck because it also knocks back enemies. With the proper aim, you can KO two enemies in one play! [+1 Heroism]

Holy Flame: We love this Light ability because it works in multiple situations. On the one hand, you can use this card to attack an enemy and deal significant damage. But, on the other hand, you can use it to heal a squad member. Holy Flame + increases the ability's attack and healing value. Plus, the upgraded ability gains an extra heroism point on redraw. [+1 Heroism]

Wild Strike: This Dark ability is a gamble. On the one hand, you'll deal significant damage with no heroism expense. But, on the other hand, The Hunter will be vulnerable for one turn. This is an appropriate card to play when enemies aren't targeting The Hunter. We recommend using it early. After all, if The Hunter's health is low, they won't be able to afford the vulnerable turn. Fortunately, Wild Strike + increases the damage dealt without further upping The Hunter's vulnerability. [+1 Heroism]


Fortify: This Power ability is one of our favorites. Fortify grants The Hunter one counter and 51 block. It's a fantastic card when numerous enemies are targeting The Hunter. Not only will The Hunter gain extra protection against the onslaught. They'll also deal damage to each attacker. Plus, this card is a sure thing with a significant heroism payback. Upgrading this skill to Fortify + grants an additional turn of counters and twice the block value. [+2 Heroism]

Heal: This Light ability is meager at first. Still, don't underestimate it. Its base level restores a minor amount of health. However, if you upgrade this card to Heal +, you can heal major health. Plus, if you overheal yourself or an ally, you'll automatically draw two more cards for free! [+2 Heroism]

Dark Blessing: This rare Dark ability can be the ace in your hand when used strategically. Dark Blessing upgrades all the cards in your hand until they get discarded. However, Dark Blessing + upgrades all the cards in your hand for the rest of the mission. Both benefits come at a significant health cost to The Hunter. Therefore, you must ensure The Hunter is safe enough to spend that vitality. [+2 Heroism]


Guarding Strike: Heroic Power cards are hard to come by for The Hunter. None of them are below a rare ranking. However, Guarding Strike, a rare level Power card, is a beneficial card you are more likely to receive earlier in the game. This ability adds Block value to The Hunter every turn it's in your hand. When you're ready to use the attack, Guarding Strike deals moderate damage. Guarding Strike + significantly increases the attack damage and block value per turn. [Costs 1 Heroism]

Whip: Whip is a low-cost Dark ability that deals minor damage while propelling enemies with Forceful Knockback. This attack's range makes it great for taking advantage of environmental hazards like transformers, cliffs, and crates. What's more, Whip + costs zero heroism to use. You will discard a card after using Whip. Still, that's a minor cost compared to other Dark abilities. [Costs 1 Heroism/ + Version Costs No Heroism]

Holy Burst: There aren't many heroic Light cards. However, if you can nab this epic-level card, it will benefit you and your squad. At its base level, Holy Burst significantly damages each enemy and powerfully heals allies in a designated area. When upgraded to Holy Burst +, the healing effect doubles while the healing area significantly expands. [Costs 1 Heroism]

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